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Can We Do B.Tech After Polytechnic?

B.Tech is one of the most popular career options for the youth of India. The degree is preferred because it has value in terms of money, name, fame and respect. Secondly, B.Tech students add a lot of value to the current life, lifestyle, public infrastructure and developmental projects all around the world.

There are hundreds of B. Tech colleges in Haryana that are currently imparting education to thousands of polytechnic students. So yes, you can join a B.Tech program after completing your polytechnic course. Taking admission in a reputable B.Tech course is possible through two examinations. The first one is a lateral entry entrance examination and the other is the engineering entrance examination. When it comes to employment, there are a lot of benefits when you combine polytechnic with a reputable B.Tech degree or diploma from a recognized institution in the current scenario.

Taking admission in a B. Tech course through lateral entry examination after your polytechnic will enable you to begin with the second year of engineering directly. The lateral entry examination is a state-level test. You will be allowed to choose your college from your state according to your rank. This decision will be made at the time of your counselling. Most B.Tech colleges in Haryana and across the country reserve a few seats for lateral entry. Do bear in mind that there are no lateral entry seats in the IITs.

If you choose to take the engineering entrance exam, you will have to appear for the test to get admission in the first year of B.Tech. If you are aiming for an IIT or NIT, this test might be the right path to take. Joining a B.Tech program after completing your polytechnic improves your chances of getting employment across different industry verticals.

Experts recommend that you should research well about the best B.Tech colleges in Haryana before finalizing your decision. Going by the statistics of annual pay packages received by the students of engineering colleges, their placement records and the success of past students; MM Engineering College emerges to be the best and top choice for doing B. Tech.

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