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What is the difference between Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy?

If you are looking for a Physiotherapy course, chances are you might come across another term ‘Rehabilitation’ that creates confusion in one’s mind. To most of the people, both Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy are the same. In fact, even the students deciding to choose Physiotherapy as a career, may get confused when choosing between Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. Let’s have a detailed comparison of Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy to make a better decision.

What is Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is an area of allied health that focuses on helping people to restore good health and physical capability after a physical injury or illness. It mainly improves and optimizes the overall quality of life while dealing with chronic disease and physical disabilities. When you opt for a Rehabilitation course, it will help you to prepare for career opportunities in future.

According to the specialist, the prime goal of a Rehabilitation course is to enable individuals to get back to full, functional fitness and to meet the requirements of their functional or sport activities. The followings are courses available in Rehabilitation:

  • Bachelor in Rehabilitation
  • Masters in Rehabilitation
  • PG Diploma in Rehabilitation
  • PG Diploma in Disability Rehabilitation and Management 

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy, also called as Physical Therapy, is a healthcare profession who provides treatment to individuals with problems related to movement or functional dysfunction, healing and pain using physical modalities including exercises/mobilization for prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, health promotion and fitness. It is a popular choice among youth looking to become Healthcare professional. Physiotherapy programmes available for students to opt are:

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy/BSc Physiotherapy
  • Master of Physiotherapy/MSc in Physiotherapy
  • Ph.D. in Physiotherapy

Gone are the days when only sports people or elderly needed Physiotherapy treatments. In today world, Physiotherapy holds vast scope and is seen as a lucrative career option for science students not willing to opt for MBBS or other medical courses. Students upon completion of their Bachelor of Physiotherapy course from the best Indian university in Physiotherapy, MM(DU), can go ahead with opening their own Physiotherapy Clinic, practice as Consultants/Experts with Hospitals, Health Organization, Sports Organizations. What you need to understand is that the 21st century is the time of alternate medicine. So while everyone down the line in the middle age or elders suffer from bone or muscle injury, prefer to consult a Physiotherapist to recover rather going for medicines or surgeries. Hence, choosing a Bachelor of Physiotherapy is like getting ready to carve a niche career for yourself.

In addition, there are handsome opportunities (both in academic and clinical) available for students willing to go abroad making a pre-requisite to choose a reputed university with A++ to pursue the program so that you end up gaining both theoretical knowledge and practical training to launch your successful career. Qualified Physiotherapists are in big demands not only in India but also in every developed country like USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Dear students, we hope now, you are clear about the difference between Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy and now you are in a position to make the right choice considering your potential and passion. You can send us your queries about different courses in physiotherapy on this email: [email protected]



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