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Why are teachers important in our life?

Alexander the Great said “I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well.”

In truth, it is teachers who create a good life and a good future for us. One cannot achieve the greater heights or perform to his or her best potential without teachers. Teachers play many roles in our life –

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Knowledge House

Even if you can Google every single thing and learn so much more online, without a teacher it is difficult to understand their context, implication, and usage. A teacher is the knowledge house and being in a classroom is much more enriching than reading 10 books especially when you happen to be a student of MMDU and are taught by the world-class expert faculty.

Lifelong Mentor

Once a teacher, always a teacher! Teachers are those Mentos we can rely upon in any moment of our life. We can seek their help, guidance or support even on personal issues. Successful people like Sundar Pichai fondly remember the teachers for their mentoring role and how they became successful with the right guidance. Having teachers as mentors is the biggest blessing for university students because you need a mentor when you are pursuing any professional degree like B.Tech or MBA etc.

Career Guide 

A teacher is your exclusive career counselor. A teacher not only understands your profession but also your potential and is able to guide you best like in which field you should pursue your career further. For example, when you’re pursuing a course in mass communication or MBA, it is a teacher who observes you keenly and knows what skills you are good at. The teacher can advise you what career you should pursue. Many students of MMDU Mullana recount how the teachers have counseled them and helped them choose the right company and the job offers during campus placement drive.

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Your sounding board

A teacher is your sounding board as well. He or she listens to you and your confusions when you and your family doesn’t seem to understand. Psychological studies have pointed out that students who have close relationships with their teachers emerge more successful and happy people than others.

No words can express the contribution and role of teachers in a student’s life. One can only say that teaching profession contributes more to the future of our society than any other single profession.



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