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5 Easy Online Study Tips: Your Guide For Successful Online Learning

You are not exactly an advocate of learning any subject online. You are more of a traditional student and always have been. But things have changed ever since the pandemic hit us all. Education for example has become more digital than we ever thought possible. In this peculiar scenario, it is important that you took certain steps to ensure that your college education does not suffer. You want to be able to secure a fine paying job once you have completed this degree/ diploma. If you want to excel at whatever subject you are studying, you must come up with a few strategies to make your online learning more successful.

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  1. Come Up With A Study Plan

You cannot possibly succeed without having a proper calendar that is divided into hours and hours that are dispersed among various subjects and assignments. Your deadlines, exams, practical sessions and everything that you need to pay attention to should be mentioned in your study plan. This is going to do away with all the stress related to managing your time and giving enough hours to every important discipline. You should also keep some time to attend webinars and industry-oriented sessions organized by your college or university. Do you know despite taking classes online, MM(DU) has been organizing industry webinars regularly for its students. MM (Deemed to be University) has secured 93rd rank this year in NIRF rankings and has made its position in the top 100 universities of India.

  1. Take Notes By Hand

If you want to keep important points of your chapter in your mind, develop a habit of making notes by hand. This is not only going to improve your handwriting but the words that you write will remain intact in your memory for much longer.

  1. Keep Your Tutors And Lecturers In The Loop

As a college student, it is always advised to stay in touch with your tutors and lecturers through other platforms as well. You have social media and WhatsApp at your disposal. Make use of these channels to constantly stay on top of your curriculum.

  1. Set Up / Modify Your Goals

You need to set major goals with regards to your education. Just completing an online degree is not going to cut it anymore. You need to have your ambition clear in your mind. There will be distractions that will try to pull you away from your set goals. You need to prioritize between what is important and what is not to stay aligned with your final goal.

  1. Guilt Trip

How important is it to hold yourself accountable for every time you fail to complete a lesson/chapter on time? Extremely! It is essential that you go on a bit of a guilt trip if you are not able to complete your course and/or fail to remain organised and proactive when pursuing your studies. Do not go overboard with it.

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So whether you learn online or attend regular classes, as a student it is important to hold yourself accountable for your failures and promise yourself that you will do better the next time at the end of the day.



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