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How to Get Motivated to Study: The Tips You Need to Get Started!

Studying is one of the most monotonous things for most students. They prefer to watch YouTube videos, indulge in online games or scan their social media accounts, or talk with their friends on the phone. Staying focused and being motivated to study can be a tough task for many students. Our mind tends to get distracted and avoids taking any challenging undertakings.

Students are by nature procrastinators; they have made a habit to study near the exams but this causes a rising sense of panic, anxiety and depression. And this results in the problem of half-hearted attempt in your exams and spoiling your performance in crucial years of college or high school. That’s why we are here to help you master your mind and sharing a few practical and effective tips on how to get motivated to study –

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  1. Divide the study assignments into smaller units

 Schedule a specific time of day to accomplish your study. Break work assignment into smaller pieces so that they do not evoke stress and are easy to do. For example if you need to complete science assignment, solve few numerical every day until you finish instead of keeping the project for the last day. However, the scheduling depends on the time you have. Calculate the overall time before the deadline and break the task in consonant with time.

  1. Study in groups

It is best to study in groups of two or three or four. Teaching and discussing with each other what you’ve learned is an effective technique to stay motivated. During the exam, you can work through the questions together. This method of study works brilliantly as it is active, and you can confront and discuss problems rather than evading them. It is fun to study together as it offers you a break from the solitary confines of your room. For example in social studies or Economics, you can each take an essay question, prepare a relevant answer and discuss it with your study group, in Maths or science, prepare a whole topic.

  1. Plan short intervals to enhance motivation 

 Rewarding or reinforcement is a potent tool to keep yourself motivated to study.  For example, every time on completing your assigned study, eat your favourite food, or watch your favourite TV show, or chat with your friends on the net.

  1. Reshape your thought process.

 Try to overcome procrastination by controlling or restyling your line of thinking.  A mind is a powerful tool that can assist in completing any task at hand.

  1. Establish academic goals clearly

Figure out what it is you aim to achieve. For example if you wish to enrol for a world-class study program like BBA, BCA, B.Tech at MM(DU), you need to work on your grades in class twelve. This will help in creating a strong focus and building your motivation levels.  Remember your goals when you lose motivation. This way you can rekindle the flame inside.

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The question arises what to do when the subject is boring. Try to read or study online boring subject; watch YouTube videos about the topics which you don’t like. YouTube is an ocean of information and there you can find interesting details about the topic that would make a boring or mundane topic exciting. If students build and enhance their motivation to study, they can accomplish significant progress in their academic sojourn and achieve a high level of success.



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