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7 Nursing Trends to Watch Out in 2022

The World Health Organisation (WHO) mentioned that around 28 million nurses are employed worldwide. However, this number is not nearly enough to cater to patients and their specific needs. This has led to a global shortage of nurses, and by the end of 2030, it is predicted that the healthcare industry will have to fill 6 million nursing vacancies to meet the needs of everyone.

As the nurse shortage continues to grow steeper, the healthcare industry landscape will experience several changes. If you’re looking at nursing colleges in Haryana, you should be mindful of these seven nursing trends that will dominate the industry in 2022.

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Trend #1 – Increase in Job Vacancies & Growth Prospects

The world is experiencing a critical shortage of nursing staff, which is likely to increase in the future. Some of the factors contributing to this situation are –

  • Increase in demand for care because of the pandemic
  • Nurse burnout as a result of the pandemic, which has resulted in a high turnover rate
  • Increase in the aging population with highly complex needs

Because there is a significant disparity in demand and supply, there will be many job openings that require the services of registered nurses. The estimated job growth is also expected to rise by 45% in 2030.

Trend #2 – Technology will Transform the Nursing Sector

The world is undergoing a scientific revolution, which means that new technologies are entering the healthcare industry every day. Newer technologies will be continuously introduced to increase accuracy, reduce administration time, and improve the patient experience.

Nurses should know how to leverage these technologies to enhance patient care. They should be able to use computers and other technologies to streamline healthcare processes.

Trend #3 – Continuous Upskilling of Nurses

As the health care delivery system will undergo massive changes, nurses will have to remain abreast with these changes to further their careers. As a result, nurses will have to constantly upskill by participating in seminars, conferences, research, training programs, and workshops organized by healthcare organizations or nursing facilities. Upskilling will become a need for the hour for all nurses who want to remain relevant in the new, dynamic world.

Trend #4 – Increased Focus on the Quality of Care in Nursing

The world and its citizens are no longer ignorant. The public knows their rights, and access to social media and online communities has made it easy for people to express their dissatisfaction and frustrations when healthcare professionals fail to give their best. Additionally, the human rights commission, press, and Consumer Protection Act are putting constant pressure on healthcare facilities to improve the quality of their care.

As a result, most of the burden of providing quality care will fall on the shoulders of nurses. Nurses can no longer afford to be careless or ignorant when discharging their duties, particularly during matters of life and health. Nurse practitioners will also be accountable and responsible for the care of assigned patients.

Trend #5 – More Support for Nurses’ Mental Health Issues

Nurses tend to work long hours of shifts and may even go without breaks. Though many nurses enjoy this stimulating nature of work, it can end up draining them by the end – affecting their mental health. Fortunately, more organizations and healthcare systems are paying attention to the stress involved in this line of work. As a result, they are making more resources available for nurses to enhance their mental health and improve productivity at work.

Trend #6 – Male Nurses Entering the Workforce

In the past, the nursing industry has been dominated by women. However, that is going to change as more men will be joining the workforce because of the shortage of nurses worldwide. More and more healthcare organizations will focus on hiring men as nurses in 2022 and beyond to meet the shortage.

Trend #7 – Diverse Career Pathways and Specialisations

As healthcare needs are becoming increasingly complex, there is an increase in the scope of specializations in the nursing industry. Like cardiac, oncology, paediatric, and intensive care, there are many more specializations available for nurses available in the sector. A nurse specializing in a particular area will be higher in demand as compared to others. As the nursing world continues to grow, more technological advancements and research will lead to more career pathways in the near future.

Closing Thoughts

As the pandemic continues to persist, the nursing industry is bound to undergo transformative changes. If you want to do nursing college in India, you need to prepare for what the future has in store for you – and the only way to do so is by staying informed at all times.



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