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Should You Study B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture in India? – Here’s Why

The agriculture sector is one of the largest and most consisted contributors to the Indian economy. With technology and innovation on the rise, agriculture has become one of the attractive subjects for young aspirants who are passionate about contributing to society.

More farmers are adopting modern techniques to farmlands, which has consequently increased the scope of career opportunities for young aspirants. If you are confused about choosing your career pathway, you might want to give B.Sc. Hons. Degree in Agriculture a try.

Don’t know how a career in agriculture can help you further your dreams and aspirations? Let’s look at some of the important reasons why a B.Sc. Hons. Agriculture will help your vision for a brighter future.

Solve Bigger Problems with High-Tech Solutions

It doesn’t matter whether you want to study soil, land, or water, you’ll be exposed to a variety of problems that our generation has to face in agriculture when you take this specialization. By joining the B.Sc. Hons. degree course in agriculture, you will be able to explore your interests and specialty, understand the pressing supply challenges and pressing environmental issues of our time, and use new innovative technology and solutions to solve these complex problems.

Spread Awareness and Understanding Regarding New Farming Techniques

It is no news that around 75% of the poor across the globe depend on agriculture to fend for their needs, and an exceptionally small percentage of these people have access to advanced education, training, and technologies that can help them live sustainably. By taking up Hons. Degree in agriculture, you’ll be honing the skills and technical know-how that these people require. As a result, you will get to work to help farmers embrace technology. Your job may require you to contribute to forestry, sustainable farming, and food production to create real impact in different parts of developing countries.

High-Demand with Better Pay

By the year 2050, the global population is expected to reach a whopping nine billion. Though the number of people will increase, land available for framing will remain limited. As the population continues to grow at an exponential rate, you can expect an increasing number of vacancies in the agricultural sector for young minds with ambition and vision in the next few decades.

As a result, the population growth will create opportunities for young farmers and agriculture specialists who can drive crop productivity with research, technology, and improved farming methods.

Currently, there is a growing need for new entrants who can substitute the baby boomers. If you see yourself as an aspiring landscape architect, fishery manager, agronomist, or horticulturist, you’d be happy to know that your skills will be in high-demand, which will also mean a potential higher wage.

Work Towards Animal Welfare

Due to the increasing strain on our environment and unhygienic conditions in which farm animals are kept, there has been a worldwide call for more research and expertise on developing eco-friendly, compassionate, and hygienic farming solutions and practices. If you’re keen on learning about the production of food, animal welfare, or farmland preservation, studying B.Sc. Hons. in Agriculture would be the right way to go. Not only will you get to learn about the fundamentals, but it will also introduce you to the new techniques that can be used for supporting large-scale production.

Job Prospects After B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture

As an agriculture-based economy, India has plenty of opportunities available for graduates of B.Sc. Agriculture. Whether you want to work in the government or private sector, you will find several jobs in the field. Skilled individuals will be able to work in private firms to develop agricultural products that aid production techniques for businesses.

As there is an increasing demand for sustainable agricultural methods, you will also find plenty of research opportunities in this field after you finish your entire B Sc hons agriculture duration successfully.

Here are a few lucrative jobs you can pursue after you graduate from the program –

  • Agriculture Research Scientist
  • Agriculture Officer
  • Marketing Executive
  • Agriculture Development Officers
  • Assistant Plantation Manager
  • Rice Breeder
  • Agriculture Technician
  • Seed Technologist
  • Junior Agriculture Specialist
  • Junior Associate – Research

Closing Thoughts

If you are passionate about working in the agriculture field, doing a B.Sc. Hons in Agriculture may be the best option for you. The B.Sc Hons agriculture integrated course syllabus in India is well-structured and covers a variety of disciples, such as forestry, entomology, horticulture, agronomy, food technology, and so on. After completing the program, you will definitely find a whole world of opportunities waiting for you.



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