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Top Career Options in Management and Future Prospects

As we live on the edge of creativity and innovation, choosing a career in management can come with many perks. As management can be a broad discipline, graduates have the freedom to seek jobs in different industries with exciting roles. Apart from the myriad job opportunities in business, government, and non-profit, a management career also allows aspirants to work in people-centric roles while taking a hefty salary home at the end of every month.

A management career also allows driven and passionate individuals to quickly climb the corporate ladder to fill the top managerial positions, enabling them to make impactful decisions on behalf of the company. From utilizing resources better to streaming business operations, there are tons of decisions that a manager must make. The job can be challenging, and it may not be a cup of tea for everyone. But for someone with a knack for being a leader, a managerial career can be highly stimulating and thrilling.

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Currently, organizations across the globe are constantly looking for candidates to fill their managerial positions, which range from front-line supervisory roles (Manager, R&D Executives, etc.) to top executive positions (CTO, CEO, COO, etc.).

If you like a bit of power along with the privilege and responsibilities that come with it, you must consider joining the best management college in North India.

But what will your life look like after you are done with college? If you’re curious to find out what the future holds for you with a management degree, let’s have a look at it.


As a marketing manager, your role would involve establishing brand awareness, increasing brand reach, and promoting the products/services of the company to its target audience. You will have to manage internal teams, design marketing/sales campaigns, and work with the marketing team to promote your company on digital, print, and social media. If you have a creative mind with good leadership and communication skills, you will do well as a marketing manager.


Finance managers are responsible for catering to all finance-related needs of a company. They have to create financial goals (both short-term and long-term) and implement data-centric strategies for achieving them. Will collaborate with department managers and project managers to make essential financial decisions, such as investment plans, budget planning, resource allocation, etc. In order to pursue this field, you must have excellent analytical, technical, and problem-solving skills.

Computer and Information Systems

With a computer and information systems manager’s job, you will be responsible for taking charge of your company’s technological functions and requirements. IT managers tend to work closely with top executives to understand their IT and computer needs. After understanding the needs, they develop specific plans for meeting the tech-related (both hardware and software) needs of the company.

Because it is a tech-oriented job, IT managers need to be at par with the current technology trends and have an in-depth knowledge of cybersecurity, mathematics, software development, etc.

Human Resources

HR managers are responsible for directing and managing an organization’s human resources and work as the link between the staff and top management executives. Along with the executives, HR managers help recruit, interview, and retain employees for the company.

HR managers are responsible for performing a diverse set of functions that involve boosting employee productivity and morale, creating talent acquisition plans, monitoring employee performance, evaluating employer-employee relationships, crafting HR policies, and much more.

If you have excellent negotiating, listening, and communication skills, this role may be the right fit for you.

Public Relations

As a public relations manager, your job would have to do with creating and maintaining a positive public image of your employer or client. You will plan, build, and oversee content and campaigns that are designed to enhance your organization’s public image.

PR managers oversee press releases, prepare speeches for clients for media events/product launches, write field media questions, organize conferences, create articles for corporate newsletters, and much more. Anytime there is a PR-related crisis, it’s the manager’s job to handle the situation and counter the negativity.

In order to become a PR manager, candidates must have additional degrees in Communications, Public relations, or Journalism.

International Business

Because of globalization, individuals holding a management degree in international business will go very far in domestic and international firms. Your job will entail managerial and advisory roles, regardless of the sector or industry. Some of the best opportunities you’ll find as an international business student will be in –

  • Brand Management
  • International Marketing
  • Logistics Management
  • Export-Import Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Foreign Exchange Management

If you have a business aptitude, excellent communication skills, and an interest in the economies of other countries, you’ll be perfect for this field of management.


If you want to start your business venture, you should highly consider taking up a management course in Entrepreneurship. Apart from the standard MBA curriculum, you will have entrepreneurship-focused classes that’ll enable you to think quick, identify problems, find solutions, and be flexible in a changing market. Your skills will be helpful in business planning and management, whether as a startup founder or a company executive.

Business Analytics

As most business growth strategies are driven by data and analytics, it has become an essential part of management studies. As a business analyst, you will be conducting essential managerial roles by aiding the company leverage big data. After finishing your specialization, you can find yourself working as a business intelligence analyst, big data analyst, data scientist, management analyst, or market research analyst for renowned companies across the world. If you have an analytical mind with attention to detail, you might find a career in business analytics highly rewarding.

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Closing Thoughts

If you’re self-driven and have leadership skills with a strategic-level thinking mindset, pursuing a career in management may be your calling. It is evident that plenty of opportunities are available in the market, and they aren’t just limited to a high CTC. Your work will have real value, and your contribution will make a real difference in the lives of the people around you. If you’re interested, you should research the top management courses in India and start working on your future goals immediately.



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