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Top On-Demand Courses in India

The pandemic has brought major changes to our lives, and one of these alternations is in the field of education. While medicine and engineering have been popular disciples in the past and are even now, new emerging career paths have come to the limelight that comes with tons of opportunities worldwide.

If you’re planning on joining a university in North India after your 12th board examinations but haven’t made up your mind on your specialisation yet, we are here to introduce you to some of the top on-demand courses that are trending in 2022. In case any of these disciplines excite you, you should consider taking them up.

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Artificial Intelligence

India is playing a crucial role in the AI revolution, and many of the industrial sectors, such as automobile, healthcare, education, transport, and agriculture, are implementing AI to streamline their processes. As a result, pursuing a career in AI comes with many amazing opportunities for professionals as well as freshers.

Because this field of technology is advancing rapidly, subsets of AI, such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, etc., are also becoming immensely popular. If you’re serious about this career, here are a few courses that you must pursue –

  • B Tech in Computer Science
  • B Tech in Electronics Engineering
  • B Tech in Mechanical Engineering (Robotics and Automation)
  • B Tech in Electrical Engineering

Cyber Security

Because important organisations and governments are increasingly facing cyber threats from hackers and other agencies, the demand for cyber security professionals has increased significantly. The downside of the digital revolution is the fact that vast amounts of data of private and public organisations can be at risk if not protected with top-level security. Due to this reason, sources predict that the demand for cyber security experts will experience a 200 percent rise by the year 2024.

If you want to start a fruitful career, there couldn’t be a better way than pursing B Tech in Computer Science and extending your career with specialisations in cyber security course.

Data Science

Ever since the digital revolution, data has become an integral part of our lives. As a result, every industry is hiring data analytics professionals, making it one of the attractive and high-on-demand career options in India. If you’re passionate about computers and research through data analytics, studying data science in the top university in Haryana will open doors of opportunities for you.

Here are some of the courses that may help you pursue this lucrative career –

  • B Sc Data Science
  • BCA Data Science
  • B Tech Big Data Analytics
  • Applied Data Science along with Python Certifications

Pharmaceutical Science

In the past few years, the pharmaceutical market has experienced a growth rate in double digits, making it one of the promising career sectors in India. India is becoming increasingly relevant in the global pharmaceutical industry. With the ongoing corona virus pandemic, there has been an increase in the demand for medicines all over the nation.

If you haven’t thought of pharmaceutical science as a career-maker industry, we urge you to think again. Thousands of students are choosing courses in pharmaceutical science, and may be you should consider them too. Here are a few courses that might interest you –

  • Bachelor in Pharmacy
  • Bachelor in Pharmacy (Lateral Entry)


Nursing is considered among the top lucrative professions that pose no restrictions for students from different academic backgrounds. Because there has been a surge in medical services and facilities across India, the demand for nursing courses has increased exponentially. Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system, and their contribution to humanity cannot be overestimated. If you have a knack for helping people and want a stable career in the healthcare field, you must check out a few nursing courses. Let’s take a look at them –

  • B Sc Nursing
  • General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM)


The World Travel and Tourism Council consider India the 18th most popular travel destination, and it will soon be listed in the top five. Apart from that, India is a diverse nation with beautiful places to travel – the reason behind its booming tourism industry. As a result, hospitality will continue to play an essential role in remote and metro political locations. Many big brands are setting up hotel chains in small and big cities, creating a plethora of opportunities for students in India. If you are interested in working in the hospitality sector, you might find some of these courses helpful for your career –

  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • BSc. in Hospitality & Hotel Administration
  • BSc. in Dietetics & Nutrition
  • BSc. in Food Science
  • BHM & CT

Paramedical Sciences

Since the corona virus pandemic, the healthcare industry has witnessed tremendous growth in the direction of catering to health emergencies. As a result, a career in paramedics is seen as one of the promising healthcare careers in India. The potential is quite huge, particularly in 2-tier cities, where resources are in short supply. The field is diverse, allowing you to specialise in a variety of fields. Some of the popular courses in paramedical sciences include –

  • BSc. in Medical Radiology & Imaging Technology
  • BSc. in Medical Technology Radiotherapy
  • Bachelor of Optometry
  • BSc. in Dialysis Therapy
  • BSc. in Medical Lab Tech.

Mechanical Engineering

Though mechanical engineering is one of the oldest branches of engineering, it is responsible for many innovations. From automobiles, industrial machinery to aircrafts, this field of study hasn’t failed to amaze us. If you’re someone who would enjoy the job of designing, manufacturing, maintaining, and testing different kinds of machines and equipment, a career in mechanical engineering would be the one for you.

There are several specialisations offered in B.Tech and M.Tech Mechanical Engineering, including Automobile Engineering, Robotics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Manufacturing Engineering, and Thermal Engineering.

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Closing Thoughts

When there are too many options, it can become overwhelming to pick one path out of all the others to make a career. However, the best way to tackle such a dilemma would be to stay as informed as possible. If you find any of these courses appealing, you should definitely start with more research, focusing on understanding the discipline and future prospects. Once you’ve chosen your career path, you can send an application to the top private university in North India offering the course.

You can never be too prepared, so in the meantime, put your mind on honing essential skills that will help you to secure admission or do well in your course.



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