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Choosing the right university for yourself

After finishing the school, you need to embark on a significant educational journey. With endless universities and colleges to choose from, it becomes a daunting task to narrow down and make the right choice. Both universities and colleges grant bachelor’s degrees. The right type of research and positive direction will surely help you as to how to choose the right university or how to choose the right college after 12th.

Candidly speaking, most of the students are just concerned about the placements ensured by the college or university in past years. This reason alone has put academic institutions like MM(DU) Mullana at the top because of their highly impressive placement figures. However, there are other key decisive factors as well that you need to consider on how to choose the right university or how to choose the right college after 12th.

1. Intensive research of course content
The quality of your course content is one of the main factors that will enable you to put your decision on the right track. You need to spend a minimum of three years in college or university. The education and the skills acquired will also affect your future career aspirations. So, it is of utmost importance that you make the right choice of choosing the college after 12th. In-depth prior research will help you how to choose your university or college. All leading colleges and universities display basic information regarding individual modules of their courses. Match the course content to your specific interests and consider how it needs to be followed.

2. Explore your career options
After researching the Course curriculums, you also need to comprehend the outcome of your education and your career goals. Find out if the institution offers work experience placements or internship opportunities. This will guide you on how to choose the right university. Most of the universities in today’s competitive world encourage their students to opt for internship or summer training programs. However, vibrant academic institutions like MM(DU), Mullana also focus on soft skill training and professional training of their students while arranging for their internship during summer break.

3. Consider the reputation of the faculty members and university ranking
It is seen that different colleges and universities possess different strengths rankings. For example, if you want to study history and English then it is best to choose a university that has a faculty that boasts of outstanding reputation in these subjects. Also, see how well a university is performing across different measures. It is best to conduct your research online of the ranking tables and evaluate to make the right decision. Make a shortlist of the top ones in your specific subject. This will guide you on how to choose the right university or how to choose the right college after the 12th. It is interesting to note the correlation between a brilliant faculty and the career development of the college or university students. Needless to say that globally-recognized or research minded faculty will guide the students proactively and progressively. Some universities also invite industry professionals as guest faculty. This helps the students get a glimpse of industry trends and be industry-ready when they graduate. The latest News from Indian universities show that MM(DU), Mullana shines in the field of Research. The many amongst the top 2% highly cited researchers have been identified as MM(DU) faculty members.

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4. Research the location
Apart from the academic aspect, it is important to select the area of your choice since you will be living in the campus in near future. Do not underestimate the significance of visiting and researching the vicinity and the surroundings even if you think it is not important. You must consider the location and connectivity. Some youth are opting for universities or colleges located in semi urban/non metro setting to avoid city pollution and commutation problem. That’s why the new India is witnessing huge popularity for universities like MM(DU), Mullana.

5. Visit the campus
Although the university campus or college may look attractive in the brochures and online, it is imperative to get a first-hand experience of the campus as well. Before you go visit the campus, make a mental checklist of the things that you feel are important to you. For instance, if you have to study science then it is important to see the state of the laboratories or the library etc.

6. Check the societies and options available in extracurricular activities or sports
See if the university offers opportunities to pursue your hobbies and other interests such as art and craft, dance, music, oratory skills, and sports etc. Ensure that the prospective college or university supports that. Explore and research the events that are organized by the college. This can give you an insight into the kind of activities and events that you can have the opportunity to join.

7. Consider overall cost
Last, but not the least aspect is the cost and expenditure that you need to incur during your entire stay. This is the final thing that will help you to choose a university. For example, if you decide to stay in your home town, then you are bound to spend less as compared to if you choose to study in another state or abroad. Check for cost-effective financial aid packages or lower tuition fees. Also, consider the cost of living in another town so that you do not face any financial hassles later on. Weighing up these different scenarios can become the final aspect of how to choose the right university or how to choose the right college after 12th

The aforesaid factors will prepare and guide on how to how to choose the right university or how to choose right college after 12th. This will save you from transferring colleges or dropping out altogether. Thus you can identify the educational institution that is most appropriate to meet your career goals.



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