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Decide your career before it’s too late- Career options after 12th

“So what have you decided to do after your class 12?”
That’s the question every teenager gets to hear when they have cleared their class X exams and are about to choose the stream to pursue. The choice of career options after 12th is half done when you choose between what you wish to study in your class XI and XII. With advancements made in the world of education by digital technologies, many new career fields have opened up for the students. It is no more limited to choosing between taking up the work profile of a doctor or an engineer. Best career options after 12th also include work profile in grey areas like Stock Market, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. There is no dearth of education and career opportunities in whatever field you choose. New segments like data science, digital media marketing, biomedical engineering, biotechnology, clinical psychology, actuarial science, statistical analysis, etc. offer bright prospects to start and grow a lucrative career and are now seen as best courses after 12th. So you can always experiment and explore career options according to your passion and potential.

Still, it is very important to choose the right stream in class 11 and 12 because this choice is the foundation of your career. In India, right now, students have the option to choose from medical, non-medical, commerce and humanities stream. However, things are expected to change after National Education Policy, 2020. NEP 2020 emphasises on multidisciplinary learning and so the students would get the choice to study multi-stream subjects like history and chemistry at the same time. NEP would blur the lines of different streams. At present, medical and non-medical are focused fields with subjects like biology, chemistry and physics as main in medical and mathematics, chemistry and physics as main in non-medical. The commerce stream focuses on Accountancy and Economics but it is the humanities stream that gives you endless options to focus on. You can choose from pursuing fine arts to music to physical sciences to languages or to studying social sciences like history, psychology, sociology etc.
We are sharing some key tips that will help you choose the right stream or after 12th courses as per your intelligence, passion, interest and potential –

  • Choose Medical if anatomy, healthcare, new advancements in the field of medicine interest you. Test your patience and persistence level before choosing the medical field because clearing the NEET exam or getting selected for M.B.B.S or BDS or BAMS is no child’s play. Other than these, you can also go for a BSc in Cardiovascular Technology, or Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering or BPharma degree which is highly popular these days. B.Sc Food Technology, B.Sc in Agricultural Science, BSc Biology, B.Sc Radiotherapy, Bachelors in Physiotherapy etc. programs are also gaining growth momentum these days. Medical students are required to give long hours of study sitting every day. Also, a feeling of serving the society has to be there.
  • Choose Non-medical if you have an analytical and thinking mind-set. Non-medical involves a lot of problem-solving subjects and critical thinking. That’s why students who enjoy thinking out of the box and exploring the unknown terrains while solving practical problems should opt for non-medical. Non-medical gives you the opportunity to do B.Tech after class 12th. You have an extensive choice to do engineering in civil, mechanical, electrical, computer science, biomedical, Electronic and Communication and many other technology fields to choose from. BCA is another highly preferred stream for non-medical students after class XII
  • Choose Commerce if you enjoy the financial aspect of business and have a keen eye for economy and money market trends. Commerce is also a good choice these days as India’s startup, MSMEs, and small business culture is strengthening. Young ones are choosing to start their own ventures rather than doing a job. Being an entrepreneur is the in-thing right now. A background in commerce field is a bonus for all those who wish to be in the business and grow as a businessman rather than doing a job. Economics is another field which you can take up extensive after doing your XII in Commerce field.

Talking about Humanities or Arts stream, as shared earlier, there are endless options to choose from if you decide to pursue humanities stream. A student can choose as per his/her strengths and interests. So you can choose to study Economics and History if you want to try for civil services exams. You can choose Psychology if you have good communication skills and do major in this subject after class XII. Psychology students can build their career as clinical psychologist, school psychological, parents counsellor, medical counsellor, wellness counsellor, relationship coach and so on. Public Administration, Legal Studies, Political Science, Media Studies etc. are some more popular subjects for the students of class XI and XII in the Humanities stream. For those who are good in art and craft can go for fine arts and fashion studies as well.

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To conclude, even sky is not the limit for a brilliant focused mind irrespective of the field you choose. But the most critical point is to choose a stream that you would enjoy studying. Most of the students choose Medical or Non-medical after class X under parents’ pressure or influenced by their peer group. For such students, career options after class XII are limited as they made the choice without understanding what they wish to do in life.

What are the best courses after 12th?

So many students ask this question to career counsellors. Because the society and their families feed their minds to choose only those courses which pay them highly and give them name and face as well! But that doesn’t mean only engineering, medical sciences, Civil Services, government jobs are the best fields to focus in future. Rather, you can grow rich and happy in any field provided you have the passion and potential to do the new and survive its initial challenges.
Going by the latest trends, course in the field of management, creative work, social sciences, Computer Applications also equally rewarding and gratifying. You can choose to pursue hotel management course or take up the field of diet and nutrition or do a course in online journalism or choose to do LLB or be a political analyst or a stock broker or even a crypto currency expert after doing your BCA… the talisman lies in finding out what excites you and how you can do your best in your choice of field.
In case you are keen to explore best courses after 12th, take a look at the various career options carved by the students of MM(DU) and their success stories in different fields. This would certainly inspire you to venture out and make your own way. Visit the link to know more –



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