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Build a lucrative career with a course in Food Technology, Nutrition and Dietetics

Take a look around and you will see that Food Science and Technology professionals are climbing the success ladder happily and swiftly. This is because food and nutrition is essentially a part of our life. To overcome the challenges of malnutrition and hunger with science, many courses have been designed by different leading universities and colleges, that give the students complete knowledge of the subject.

Food processing in itself has become a gigantic industry in recent times. One needs to understand the functioning of Food Processing organizations which is essentially process, preserve, package, label, and develop various food products like fish products, meat, and poultry products. They also perform quality management, and research and development of dairy products, food grains, confectionery products, and fruit & vegetable products and apply Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Nutrition and Microbiology to make the manufactured food safer and available throughout the year (in case of seasonal food). So they need professionals and experts in all these fields to carry out the operations in sync with global standards.

With ever-increasing emphasis on curative healthcare, food and diet are getting a lot of attention these days, from celebrities to common people alike. Dietician and Nutritionists are earning not just handsomely in terms of money, but also a lot of fame and stature in the society.

Good news for food Sciences enthusiasts! Most of the leading private universities in India are now introducing new courses in BSC Food Science and Nutrition as well with Specialization in Food Technology or with Specialization in Nutrition and Dietetics. If a student joins a prestigious university or a college to do these courses, they have high chances of getting placed from the campus in leading MNCs or global organizations.

All these courses aim to enhance knowledge and skills of nutrition and to develop critical evaluation skills through an integration of nutrition, dietetics (therapeutic nutrition) and research. So both the courses are industry specific and job oriented. Students who have passed class twelfth exams in Science stream are eligible to apply for the course. When you enroll for such courses, you get an idea of basic as well as advance knowledge to researchers for expansion in Academic / Industrial / Research and Development Organizations. Such courses also give students hands-on experiences related to food science and technology on commercial scale and enhance the research perspectives for making our food safe and nutritious. Students also get comprehensive knowledge on how to maximize our food resources and minimize waste of resources with improved food packaging systems. In fact, such courses are extensive and give the students a fair idea of fruits and vegetable technology, baking technology, packaging technology, food chemistry, food and Industrial biotechnology, quality assurance, dairy technology, meat, poultry and fish technology, food engineering, food safety and hygiene, fermentation technology, hygiene and sanitation; and many other important aspects related to food science and nutrition.

So if a student aspires to join such courses, they should select a college or university that is well equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and provides high end facilities to all its students. The learning environment should have Wi-Fi,ICT equipped lecture spaces, and high-tech Computer Labs to name a few. Because being in Food Science and Nutrition industry also requires the students to inculcate communication spirit and hone their management and leadership skills, the youth should choose a college that gives them a chance to participate in various extracurricular activities. It is important that students get ample opportunities to take an initiative and stand tall for what they believe in.

Many colleges in North India are offering such courses in Food Science, Nutrition and Dietetics that help the students imparting them deep knowledge about the processing and preservation along with ability of applications. The idea is to prepare the students with a clear understanding of the off- seasonal availability of food, the importance of securing enough supply to the nation as well as foreign nations and to work in the segment of making the production more tasteful, valuable, more nutritional and eco-friendly. There are some niche fields also in this industry which include working for providing energy foods to astronauts and to the defence personnel, fortification and enrichment of food products and making valuable contribution in production and availability of traditional foods of different places in every corner of the world. Students with a technical bent of mind can also work for the fabrication of sophisticated machineries in food processing industry.

The future is truly bright for students who do a degree course in Food technology with some specialization. With a wide coverage of a horizon of disciplines, sky is the only limit for a promising Food Technologist. They can find high-paying and respectful jobs in the production, marketing, quality assurance, research and development, product development and even in the exciting field of sensory evaluation.




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