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What makes BBA one of the best courses to pursue after class twelfth

Class twelve is the most important for youngsters as it opens the doors to their college or university life. Students can get admission in the leading colleges or universities of India and the world on the basis of their marks scored. In last few years, the toppers of commerce and humanities streams have chosen to pursue BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration. Even though many colleges offer both vocational and academic courses leading to further and higher education, most of the students prefer to do BBA as it is one of the well-recognized courses today and a strong foundation for those who wish to do MBA after graduation.

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The reason BBA is getting ahead of B Com when it comes to popularity and employability is because the course offers –

  • More interaction with the Corporate World
  • BBA curriculum involves more and regular Seminars, Consultancy, Research and Resource sharing
  • Practical teaching aids and methodology are being followed by leading BBA colleges of India
  • Focus on Personality development programmes

The students today hold high aspirations in the world of business, in the realm of management and for this, they need to upgrade their education with a specialized education programme that renders them expertise to face the challenges of a global business or management environment. BBA is one such course that has an edge over regular graduation programmes and is reckoned to help the students to accomplish more in life and to reach for higher goals with innovative education, imagination, open-mindedness, and better understanding of business and management.

However, doing BBA from any regular college will not serve the purpose. It is therefore very significant to choose an accredited BBA college or university that provides world-class education to talented Indian youth and setting international standards in imparting higher level professional education.

BBA is one such course that enables the students to expand their horizon, sharpens their intellect, brightens their attitude and takes them on a higher altitude. So when a student chooses a globally recognized university or college to do BBA, he ends up nurturing his aspirations and simultaneously gets equipped with requisite skills and talent good enough to accomplish all he wants in life.

BBA graduates usually have an added advantage for the simple reason that this course has a wider niche in the market. It helps the students to obtain a rewarding job by the time they complete their final year or semester in a good BBA college or institute. The numerous options that they have are in sectors like business, accounting, auditing, information system, taxation, CRM, finance, banking, IT, corporate and public sector. Moreover, when a student pursues BBA from a NAAC accredited institute, he or she gets the chance to gain an exposure into the real world of business and management owing to the state-of-the-art infrastructure and high end facilities. Most of the top BBA colleges of India encourage activities to inculcate management and leadership skills and also organize regular visits from foreign faculty members from reputed universities to ensure intensive classroom sessions for students. Some universities and colleges also have international Student Exchange and summer internship programs for BBA students.

So why is BBA gaining so much popularity these days?

Simply because it enhances the employability of a student and makes him/her job-ready. It is three years course that is spread over six semesters with each semester of six months. In the current century, where everyone wants to own his/her own firm, BBA is the best choice to go for. A formal BBA degree builds up a strong foundation of the core business functions. Other factors that make it so popular are –

  1. Diverse and an open mindset – BBA course is designed in such a way that a student studies diverse topic ranging from Law, Marketing, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Accounting, Finance, Strategy, and so on.
  2. Many colleges provide a general BBA, however there are various colleges that allow students to specialize in core business functions such as Finance, HR, Marketing etc.
  3. The course of BBA is now being integrated with various technology-oriented programs like SAP, Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence.
  4. The course is designed in a way that it hones the overall personality of an individual right from business communication skills, managerial skills, decision making, change management, financial literacy, and so on.
  5. The fees for most of the universities offering BBA course is affordable as compared to the other options available for a student after +2, and the jobs are readily available. This gives them a greater return on investment.
  6. Good career opportunities – Upon completion of the course, a BBA Graduate will find ample job opportunities across many sectors such as Retail, Banking, Finance, and Insurance, IT, Marketing Research, Recruitment, Manufacturing and Consultancy easily and quickly.


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