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Career in Biotechnology: Scope and Opportunities

Since the last quarter of 20th century, Biotechnology is becoming increasingly popular amongst young learners. It is not only a combination of biology and technology but also regarded as an interdisciplinary branch of science. Biotechnology covers the best of both subjects and fields like Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Cell Biology topics related to life sciences and engineering topics like Bioprocess Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Thermodynamics, Mass Transfer etc. B.Tech in Biotechnology gives the students a chance to study the use of living systems and organisms in various fields of science, technology, medicine and industries that require by-products. The products and solutions created using biotechnology have been useful for the mankind and play a vital role in solving various problems of different work domains.

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Scope of doing a course in Biotechnology

Owing to the advancement in technology across various industries, the scope of biotechnology has expanded infinitely. This interdisciplinary stream of science has been acknowledged for catering the needs of different sectors worldwide. Almost every large industry needs B.Tech in Biotechnology graduates for the completion of its projects. In this field of science has been able to fetch the highest paying jobs from the market. Both the government as well as private sector has ample work profiles for biotechnologists but the private sector is much ahead than the later as far as career options are concerned.

Career prospects after doing B.Tech in Biotechnology

Biotechnology has created a huge number of job opportunities over the past few years. This is primarily because of its scope in major fields such as food processing, drug manufacturing, genetics engineering, bioenergy or waste management, bioinformatics, agriculture and environment control. Considering its involvement in all the primary fields, it offers a plethora of career options for Biotechnology graduates and post graduates. A learner can opt for a specialization as per his/her interest. The job profiles can range from sales and marketing, to research and development and to manufacturing and quality control. Here is the glimpse of in demand job profiles across various industries for bio-technologists depending upon their specializations:

* Bioscientists

* Bio technicians

* Biochemists

* Biophysicists

* Medical and clinical lab technicians

* Research and process development scientists

* Bio manufacturing specialists

B.Tech graduates can explore their potential in genetic engineering, recombinant DNA Technology and Molecular Biology. All these fields are brimming with opportunities. But it is important to do a comprehensive course in Biotechnology that enables the students to leverage science and engineering to analyze and resolve complex problems and work to create useful and socially relevant solutions. MM(DU) offers world-class education in the field of biotechnology. Click here for more details –

Salary range: The average salary of a fresher is 5 lakhs per annum and is higher for job profiles like team or project leaders or research scientists that require relevant experience or higher qualification like masters or doctorate in biotechnology.

In a nutshell, the future of biotechnology is quite promising since it is not confined to one particular field or industry. And that is what makes it work wonders globally.



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