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CarterRadley’s B.Tech CSE Program Now Exclusively at MMDU

There are two primary reasons why we send our children to university/college:

  • So they become prepared for a sustainable career in a well-paying field.
  • To develop them into happy, confident and productive citizens capable of fully participating in their world.

CarterRadley’s BTech Computer Science Engineering Program with a specialization in Software Development (SD Program) has been carefully designed to produce such graduates. Here’s how:

  • First, the primary outcome of the SD program is to produce graduates who will be job-ready for a specific job-role: software developer with expertise in Java and 1-2 years of experience.
  • Second, the program immerses students into a simulated work environment where, from day one, they work on realistic projects to produce real industry deliverables using real industry processes and tools.
  • Finally, we know that our students will struggle with their assignments at first, so we mentor them with professionally trained faculty whose purpose and a goal is to help the students succeed.

Students in the SD Program get four years of on-the-job training, but in a safe environment where mistakes are lessons to be learned.

SD Program graduates will be confident in their abilities to develop software professionally because they have done so in the SD Program, and they will be able to demonstrate their skills and experience to hiring managers through their portfolios of work actually done.

Of course, none of this matters if the software industry is in decline, however, it is not.  Most projections for the software industry call for at least 50% growth in well-paying jobs requiring significant expertise over the foreseeable future.

What You Need to be Job-Ready

To be job-ready upon graduation students will need to get five things from their university program:

  1. Domain Knowledge. Most university programs provide students with general domain knowledge.
  2. Domain Technical Skills. These skills are what you can do with your domain knowledge. Some programs provide some practical coursework, but nothing near to what industry requires.
  3. Behaviour and team skills. We all know people who are good technically, but who are very difficult, or even offensive, to work with. To our knowledge, no other program is teaching behaviour skills.
  4. Soft Skills. We define soft skills as mostly communications skills, especially in English because English is the language required internationally in the software development industry. Some programs provide some soft skills training, but mostly as an add-on at the end of your program to “crack the interview”, and not integrated into your program.
  5. This is the biggest complaint of all fresher graduates: “How can we have experience if we just graduated?” This is missing completely from most programs, even those that claim to have internships.  CarterRadley’s SD Program gives you the equivalent of 1-2 years work experience.

The CarterRadley Software Development BTech CSE program gives students all five things you need from your college program. No other program does this.


Think about this: If two computer science graduates are applying for the same job, but only one has all these skills and experience, who will be hired? The answer is obvious.  Employers don’t want just technical expertise in their employees, they’re also looking for other qualities – they want the behaviour skills, communications skills in English, and experience that demonstrates how you can help the company grow and be successful.

How the SD Program Works

Here’s how the CarterRadley SD Program works:

  1. You role play as an employee on-the-job all four years, so you learn everything about what it takes to be a professional by actually experiencing it. It’s like getting 4 years of on-the-job training.
  2. You produce real professional deliverables using professional tools and processes and receive feedback on the content, volume and quality of those deliverables from faculty.
  3. You work on large, complicated software products, just like in industry, and not just little toy programs or case studies.
  4. When you make mistakes, and you will make mistakes, you will be mentored by a trained professional so you can learn from your mistakes.
  5. When you graduate you will have a portfolio of project work you have done that you can show hiring managers during placement interviews. Remember, who is the hiring manager going to hire?
  6. The software development program has a 6-months full-time simulated internship built into the 3rd year of the program where you can test your skills on the job in a realistic work environment. You will receive a written report of your strengths, and areas for improvement, measured against the key competencies and skills that industry is looking for.
  7. With the software development program, you get to choose two elective sequences of three courses each, providing you with a deep dive into technologies of your choice and even more simulated work experience.
  8. You will establish a portfolio of projects that you’ve worked on that you can share with hiring managers during placement, demonstrating the real-world experience you have acquired during your time in the SD program.
  9. During the program, you also receive training and mentoring on behaviour skills. You are not taught how to behave, rather you learn that behaviour has consequences. You choose your behaviour, and you live with the consequences.
  10. From day 1 you begin working in teams, forcing you to interact with others. We teach you how to improve your ability to navigate the world of human interaction through awareness and analysis of behaviour within situation and context. We believe that the SD program is unique in helping you learn the importance of behaviour skills, and how to use them effectively to cope in the infinite variety of situations and contexts found at work and in our personal lives.
  11. You are provided with an opportunity to learn and practice what is typically attributed to a liberal arts education such as logic, rhetoric, grammar, calculus, physics, public speaking and critical thinking, ensuring that you will be prepared to play a role in modern society.

Our experience is that the combination of an immersive, project-based pedagogy combined with a focus on behaviour and other critical thinking skills produces happy, confident and job-ready graduates who will be in demand by the software industry and who will be ready and eager to make their way as citizens in the world.

The CarterRadley Software Development BTech CSE program will make you job-ready as a Software Developer, and it will give you the equivalent of a 1-2 year of work experience.

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