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Correcting the Career Communication

The jobs are not the same as they used to be in the last decade of development. The offerings have significantly changed so the demands of the employers. With the rise of Human Resource agencies and corporate culture, the definition of a JOB has changed into a more comprehensive phenomenon.

What do we have to do with this NEW WORLD? We are the ones who are going to be employed with them. The employers who are getting overseas tie-ups and expanding to other countries and regions of the world need people who are not just good and skilled in Communication, but the ones who derive results through communicative competence. The old days of ‘adjustable communication skills’ are a thing of the past.

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Jobs are always there for all. The ones with poor communication skills may also end up getting jobs that do not involve any communication, per se, career progress. It is true that communication is relative to progress in a career. The better you communicate, the better you get in a career. There is, however, a need to see what type of communication we need to learn and how do we need to accomplish the best results in our career through communication.

It is said that “Your Career is unpredictable; your preparations can’t be! The communication you do with your future is a matter of rethink now, not because you have been doing something wrong, but the way you are delaying the preparation shall be treacherous for the career.”

Career is made of jobs and tasks you do. Even a businessman or entrepreneur has a career to make. Meeting business partners, clients and officials do have a need for communication skills. We shall be elaborating more about the need and benefit of a focussed career communication in this blog. The rationale is that we have seen students, going in the wrong direction with their career communication.

When you are in the classroom, there comes a wave of concern through the placement preparation sessions. You realise that there is a lot to do within that short time. The resume or the portfolios are created or curated with the direct help of friends/guides or even professionals. You defend the documents in the job interview and get ahead. Those who are left behind, wait for their silver lining in the next session.

The last-minute rush of preparation can be avoided by making your ‘communication with a career’ a powerful one. The professional competence and knowledge development, communication skills development and fruitful public relations are possible when you enter the educational institution. The best time is when you decide your academic stream after secondary school.  The skill development and profile curation should start the day you get to know your career goals. You shall need to modify your interests and alignments; certifications and skills for the same.

Your selection of occupation can take place even now. It can be based on your liking of a personality or the size of the business you see. Your dream job isn’t defined as your career. It is understood, by you as well, that there might be a change in the jobs when you complete your degree.

Your Career Communication has to be a prime concern each day because the contours of career development are changing each moment. New Jobs, new profiles, new challenges, and new questions are coming to the interview room. If you get in without a plan and leave the classroom without a takeaway in learning, the results shall not be vivacious.   Without a purpose, we don’t communicate and with a purpose, we are motivated to make a plan. The Communication you do with your aspirations and dreams should be rewarding.

  • Do not Avoid a Good Understanding of the Academic Subjects!
  • Develop Yourself as an Impressive Communicator!
  • Keep a watch on your Digital/Social Media Reputation!
  • Connect with your Alumni and employers on social and professional media!
  • Do attend the Seminars and Conferences/Workshops that make you know new things and new people!
  • Develop a sincere public relations!
  • Become an avid reader!
  • Help People with your learning!
  • Participate in University and Social Events to Learn and Compete!

The preparation you do and the corrections you bring to your daily communication shall be a great thing to help in career. It is not about a ritual to be followed, it is the need of the hour because the diversion we have is going to kill our own careers in a way that we shall feel the loss later.

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The most important word for the young students should be ‘Employability Enhancement’ as the employers are searching for a reason to hire you and promote you. Give them a strong and sustainable reason to celebrate your presence; Correct your Career Communication!

Author Details: 

Parveen Kumar

Assistant Professor (Communication Skills & English)

Maharishi Markandeshwar Deemed to be University, Mullana



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