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Difference Between Bachelor Of Hotel Management And Bachelor Of Hotel Management And Catering Technology

Two of the most popular Hotel management courses of Maharishi Markandeshwar (Deemed To Be University) are Bachelors In Hotel Management and Bachelors In Hotel Management And Catering Technology. However, the BHMCT course of MMDU is the top preferred course by the youth of India desirous of shaping their career in the Hospitality industry.

The hotel management course of the MMDU is one of the most sought after courses in the hospitality sector. You get value-based education in hospitality, operations and management, training and research and consultancy. The graduate courses under bachelors of hotel management and catering technology, on the other hand, familiarize the students with the hospitality/tourism sector and the business, culinary and management aspect of it.

The bachelor’s degree in hotel management course in the MMDU comprises induction and orientation, midterm projects and industrial training and on the job training modules as well. This is what leads up to their final placement in the job position of their liking.

The bachelor’s degree in hotel management and catering technology from the Maharishi Markandeshwar (Deemed To Be University) is a fine blend of theory and practical courses.

The standard hotel management course of the MMDU puts students in real-life simulations such as bakeries and training restaurants, housekeeping labs and computer labs and also gives them complete access to national and international books and journals to help them with their course.

BHMCT course, on the other hand, is a course that is aimed at developing professional attitudes and skills of trade among the students. Students are trained to develop commercial insights and entrepreneurial flair and adopt a service-minded approach. Since the course has a wider scope and extensive application, its students have done extremely well in their professional life.

The primary emphasis of hotel management is on providing individual attention and pragmatic training sessions on 3-star luxurious property owned by the university.

The primary emphasis of BHM and CT courses is on developing cultural sensitivities and ethical responsibilities, along with imparting the ability to have a customer-oriented approach all the time.

To know more details of the admission process of both the courses, you can check the MMDU website: admission process has already begun; don’t be late in applying for the course



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