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How many courses are there in B.Sc?

Not everyone who takes science wants to be an engineer or do B.Tech or computer engineering. Some students are keen to do an academic course in science and B.Sc therefore is very popular. Students in this case take up graduation in science with specialized courses and prefer to do Masters and further research in the subject. Ph. D in any science stream is very beneficial especially if you go abroad to do your research project; B.Sc course is the starting point of the same and there are many streams in which you can opt to do B. Sc.

MMDU, one of the leading universities of India is offering B.Sc. in Nursing, which is a 4 years regular course and is in high demand. There is also a Post Basic B.Sc. (Nursing) course which spans to 2 Years. Other than these specialized course in nursing, MMDU offers B.Sc. in Biotechnology, B. Sc in Chemistry (Hons.), B.Sc. Food science with specialization in Food Technology, B. Sc in Medical, B. Sc in Non-Medical, B. Sc in Physics (Hons.), B. Sc in Mathematics (Hons.), B. Sc in Home Science, B.Sc. in Hospitality & Catering Management, B.Sc. in Cardiovascular Technology, B. Sc in Imaging Technology Radiology, B. Sc in optometry and all these courses are for 3-4 years.

MMDU’s B. Sc in Respiratory Therapy, B. Sc in Dialysis Therapy and B. Sc in Radiotherapy is another paramedical B. Sc courses which are of 3.5 years duration. MMDU is one of those top universities of India that are offering 4 years Bachelor in Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology course.

You can also do B.Sc. in MLT (Lateral Entry) or B.Sc. (OTT) (Lateral Entry) and B. Sc in optometry (Lateral); all being 2-3 years regular courses.

However, the University administration reports that their B. Sc Food Science with specialization in Nutrition & Dietetics which is a 3 years regular course is highly popular among the youth along with B. Sc in Operation Theatre Technology and B. Sc in Medical Lab Technology, both being 3.5 years regular courses.



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