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What is the difference between Computer Science and Computer Science Engineering?

Computers are not just the focus of online shopping or digital communication; computer related careers are also the buzzword today. More and more students are showing interest in computer science as their choice of career. However, there exists a big confusion between computer science and computer engineering and its specialization. Both are very different and this difference is important to understand especially when you are an aspirant and eager to shortlist and join the India’s top engineering college.

Computer Science is a field of study which primarily focuses on knowledge about computer and its working. Issues at software level form a part of Computer Science. The subject encompasses working with various operating systems and maintain wide array of databases. On the other hand, Computer Engineering majorly about solving problems, involves designing software products with integration of both hardware and software interfaces.

There is a huge demand of computer science and computer engineering jobs in the market. This is one big reason why students are vying to take admission into top B. Tech Computer Science Engineering colleges in India.

One most important factor to note: pursuing Computer Science Engineering courses is now challenging. Take up these courses only if you have a problem solving attitude or an excitement for the new technologies. Your career goal can help you determine which field is suitable for you. For example, if you are keen to work in arena of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Cyber security and many more, then Computer Science Engineering is the field which is ideal for you. But in case your aim is to become a software developer, Computer Science will equip you with all necessary skills such as: problem solving using programming.

Computer Scientists essentially have knowledge of following:
• Programming languages based on either Procedural or Object Oriented Paradigm
• Software Development and its maintenance
• Web designing and creating User Interface/Experience (UI/UX)
• How to deal with different Operating Systems (Open Source or Licensed both)
• Data Structures and analysis of algorithms

.Computer Science Engineer encompass:
In addition to skill set of Computer Scientist, Computer Science Engineer possess addition skill set such as:
• In-depth understanding of Computer architecture
• Skill to design and build new hardware components and improvement of existing entities.
• Flexibility to work with a wide array of software’s that can be specialized in accordance to need of a particular organization
• Troubleshooting and maintenance of Computer Network along with Cyber Security
• Implementation of innovation useful in Robotics Engineering.
• Heaps of applications to be implemented by Machine Learning.
• Working with Internet of Things (IoT) via software support

Computer Science Engineering courses are known for their high employability quotient. Especially if you have done your B. Tech in Computer Science Engineering from top engineering colleges of India like M.M Engineering College (M.M.E.C) which is known for its high campus placement rate and amazing success stories of its engineering students. To know more about admission process of MMEC, Click




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