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Which B.Tech Branch Is Best For You If You Are Looking For A Government Job?

A lot of students find themselves asking this question because there is nothing better than a reliable and reputable government job. If a student has an interest in mathematics and physics, they would most certainly choose the best B.Tech colleges in Haryana. They know that these disciplines can easily fetch them a great paying job within the government sector.

Many students find it very confusing to choose the right subjects and eventually the ideal career path, especially after completing their 12th standard.

There are thousands of students studying in various B.Tech colleges in Haryana who prefer to go for a government job for multiple reasons like job security, lucrative pension schemes, higher salaries as compared to other sectors, less workload, and more leaves. There are several engineering branches that give you the opportunity to become a part of the government sector such as:

Electronics / Electrical Engineering

This is one of the most preferred and oldest branches in B.Tech and after completing this course you can get numerous jobs in the government sector. You will be able to find employment in the State Electricity Board, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, Defence Research, and Development Organization, Indian Railways, Indian Army and Navy, etc.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering students can find a lot of job opportunities in Indian Railways, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, the Public Works Department, the Indian Air Force, and many other organizations.

Civil Engineering

This is a very old branch of engineering and students passing out of this course easily find employment with the National Highways Authority of India, Town Planning Office, Public Works Department, and even Indian Railways.

Biotechnology Engineering

Students of this discipline find employment in various government-funded research programs. This is a relatively new and advancing field that not many students have ventured into. So, what discipline is your calling?

As a student aspiring to do B. Tech from the best engineering college in Haryana, you must understand that it is not the degree alone that will get you a good government job; the reputation and goodwill of your Engineering College will also help you immensely in that. That’s the reason most of the engineering-minded students of North India want to do B.Tech from MM Engineering College which is known for its world-class B.Tech degrees and stupendous placements of its students in top organizations and MNCs of the world.




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