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How to choose the right career after 12th

The truth is – your career begins only after class XII.

The Good News: There are plenty of career options available after the 12th.

The Bad News: If you don’t decide well in advance, you might get stuck in the wrong lane.

You can choose from varied educational fields and pursue careers in engineering, marketing, management, medical, humanities, law etc. But, at times, it gets tough and challenging to decide which career would be ideal according to your interest, intelligence, and aptitude. There are few steps that you can implement to choose a career. These include;

Start with self-analysis –

Self-analysis plays a humongous part in helping you to choose the right career. The power to recognize your objectives and purpose in life will guide you to select an appropriate career.

Make a list of your interests –

 Analyze and shortlist your interests. Thus you can get an idea of what career will be apt for you. Pinpoint interests that suit your skills. For example, if you have the oratory skills and are good in alaytical aspects of a situation; you can choose to pursue Law in one of the best law college in your city. LLB degree is quite a rage amongst the youth and there are plenty of options to build a fulfilling career after law degree. Take a look at the placement and success stories of law students of MM(DU).

Take advice from professionals –

Do not hesitate to take advice from your teachers or parents or from successful professionals in your family/friend circle. You can also opt for professional counseling.  These days, the latest trend is to take Psyco metric test which gives you future options. It also helps to charter a road map for your future prospects. This would help the students who feel confused about various branches of engineering like which one has better job prospects between Electrical Engineering and Electronics & Communication Engineering; a professional would be able to help you better.

Evaluate the prospect of the chosen career path –

This is an important aspect of choosing the right career.  See and find out how this career will fare in the future for you. Career options are also subject to market risks and trends. For example, pursuing a career in e-marketing has become the latest option in this e-commerce era. Data science holds great prospects for the future and a career as a Data Analytic shows great prospects in future. For example, there is huge demand for Engineering professionals in India and abroad. In last few years, Engineering students of MM(DU) were handpicked by global IT companies in large number. That is one lucrative reason to choose this field.

Choose the appropriate stream of subjects

This is one of the most crucial steps while choosing a career. You must also check out the courses that are offered in one of the best universities in India. For example, if you are interested in information technologies and have a programming-oriented mind, you can choose to pursue BCA; but if you presentation and people-interaction skills are better, Hospitality courses would be better for you. It is important to understand what you are good at before choosing the stream of subjects after class XII.

Finalize the career option –

This is the final step in choosing a career.  You may have the aptitude and skill to follow your career path. But what matters most is the determination, dedication, and strong will to pursue your career. This is the final hallmark of a successful career.

Undoubtedly, there is more than one career track or a dream job. Career paths may change over time as your interests evolve and develop. So, it is best to take internships, get vocational training, gather experience as you grow, and hone your skills to carve a successful career path.



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