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Which branch of engineering is the most in demand in India?

Globalization has revolutionized the growth of industries and generated the need for the evolution of a broad spectrum of specialized sciences catering to the designing, construction, and usage of machines. In tandem, the education system has diversified to map the emergence of several job opportunities created in the public and private space.

India’s top Engineering colleges offering niche programs in engineering disciplines like the computer, mechanical, civil, ECE, electrical, aeronautics, biotechnology, marine, automobile, etc have been established to meet the surging demand for a skilled workforce in respective fields. Pursuing a degree in engineering is a popular career option in India today as it paves the way to a promising future. Numerous entrance exams that secure admission into prestigious engineering colleges like IIT Madras, IIT Kanpur, IIT Mumbai, other Its and NITs, MM Engineering College, Vellore Institute of Technology, NIT Trichyare conducted during the year.

Conventional branches of Engineering include

Mechanical Engineering:  deals with designing, manufacturing, and operating machine systems. It is a discipline whose band-with ranges from heavy complex machinery to humble household appliances.

Electronics & Communication Engineering

This branch of engineering prepares the students for a flourishing career as a technical head or networking specialist or an expert in advanced implementation techniques like Machine Intelligence, IOT, Artificial Intelligence and Wireless sensor networks etc. Students can find lucrative jobs in educational,R&D institutes, Industry and as an Entrepreneur in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering.

Civil Engineering: is a discipline that deals with the science of construction of buildings and bridges, rail rods, roads, airports, metro stations, ports, and subway systems. It also plays a key role in designing the space stations, aerospace industry, and jetliners.

Biotechnological Engineering: is a discipline of engineering that is witnessing tremendous growth. This branch of science employs living organisms, biological systems to create and develop different products such as insulin, drugs, hybrids, etc. Biotechnology involves an amalgamation of principles of other branches of science like genetics, biochemistry, and molecular biology.

While other branches of engineering may still have applications limited to the core industry, Computer Science & Engineering pervades across fields. Computer, along with the internet, has transcended boundaries and has contributed to the immense scope of Computer science. Engineering in computer science opens avenues to work across organizations and verticles. This branch of engineering is ubiquitous, from creating driverless cars to virtual play stations to creating animations and robots. It is estimated that the CS IT sector will grow from $181 in 2019  to a whopping $ 350 Billion by the year 2025, which thereby promises exponential growth in the scope of computer science in India. Experts recommend analytically minded students to opt for Computer Science Engineering considering the boom in this industry.

The computer science curriculum extended by Engineering colleges encompasses the designing, executing, and managing software and hardware processes. The branch prepares the aspirants and different aspects of computer engineering, including coding, networking, computer organization, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, data analytics, etc. Professionals graduating from best engineering colleges like the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, MM(DU) get hired by industry giants like Microsoft, Google, Apple, IBM etc.

Computer Science Engineering finds more comprehensive applications in this age of information and innovation, and the bar is getting raised every day. For more details, check this link on prospects of Computer Science Engineering.



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