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How to Choose the Right Engineering College for pursuing Computer Engineering

Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing Computer Engineering College

Studies and trends have revealed that computer engineering is now among the most popular disciplines in the country. It has recorded one of the highest student enrolments in the past year despite the pandemic. Do you know that the total student enrolments in the field of computer engineering have gone up by more than 18% in the past 5 years and this is just at the undergraduate level? What seems to be propelling this rising trend is the advent of new and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, internet of things (IoT), Blockchain technology, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and machine learning!

With the increasing trend of digital living, computers have only been more needed and so have been the computer engineers. If you study the course well, you have several job opportunities in fields of software development, programming, database management etc. The better you learn, the better you will be able to chart your career. So, it is very important to choose where you study from. Let us explore the key factors that would help you in deciding which college to go for:

  1. College Accreditation

Find out what accreditation the institution you are choosing has. Is it under a university or is it itself deemed to be a university. Further know whether it is recognize by the AICTE or not and what is the reputation of the college among peers and teachers. MM(DU)’s MM Engineering College is one of the best in India offering world-class engineering education and best placements of the students.

  1. Availability of Your Choice of Stream/Degree

You may have certain ambitions about your career. Check whether the college provides courses in line with those career requirements. Further also check if the college has several other streams related to your choice and whether you can switch mid-year. The computer world is a fast changing one, so a college that teaches according to latest developments is worthy.

  1. Good Infrastructure

Notice how good or otherwise is the infrastructure of the college. Check things like the size of the campus, the staff and student ratio, residential availability, proper sanitation, availability of computer labs and good internet bandwidth. See if the college also has recreational sporting activities and events. A personal visit to the college would give you the best idea. Else you can speak with seniors who have studied there and check the college website.

  1. Placement Opportunities

Find out what is the past placement record of the college. Do they have good campus placements? What is the percentage of total placements? The youth nowadays have become more sensitive to disciplines that pay more. They have become more aware about fields such computer engineering because constant research and development continue to drive growth and career prospects in this particular discipline. According to Professor Anil D Sahasrabudhe, AICTE chairman, more jobs are readily becoming available in this field which resulted in successful campus placements of students across the country. If you look at the past 10 to 15 years, the field of engineering has seen a massive shift in focus from other courses such mechanical and electrical to computer because of a significant rise in placement numbers across the domain. The Department of Computer Science & Engineering, MM(DU) has registered record placements of its students in last few years. Big names like Google, Intel, The Boston Consulting Group, Capgemini, KPMG, Infosys etc come to MM(DU) campus for recruiting Computer Engineering graduates.

  1. No. of Faculties & their Highest Qualifications

The lesser the faculty: student ratio, the more the students get attention. See how many full-time professors are there and the lecturers. See how qualified are the faculties in general. Do they hold a bachelors degree or a PhD? Have the professors written any books that the students of your stream refer to?

  1. Research Quality

Not all colleges are involved in research and developments. Among those that are, the credible institutes provide pioneering researches that get recognized by industry journals, have attention of the IT industry and have funding from various agencies. These are the cream institutes.

  1. Your Budget

Last but not the least, look at how much you are willing to spend on your college education and its lifestyle. Do the courses offered by a certain college suit your budget or are you willing to take student loan. If yes, then up to what extent?

We have such popular examples of computer engineers around us who are not only successful in their respective lives but also continue to inspire people around the world. Shiva Ayyadurai is famous as the inventor of Email. Born on December 2, 1963, Ayyadurai is an Indian-American computer engineer. He is also a successful scientist, and entrepreneur.

Sundar Pichai doesn’t need any introduction. As the CEO of Google Inc. Pichai is an Indian-American and also an alumnus of IIT, Stanford and Wharton. Sundar without a doubt has come a long way, from being responsible for various innovation drives at Google to leading the software giant as its CEO. He is today one of the most popular names in the tech industry.

Hope these factors have given you some clarity of thought and you will be able to make a well founded decision about choosing the right institution to pursue Computer Engineering course.



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