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Want to Learn a New Programming Language? It’s Easy…. Just Follow These Rules !

You could be making a few critical mistakes when learning a new programming language if you do not follow a few simple rules. If you do not have a rulebook by your side which most students do not, you have to establish a few so that you can make the most of your time and become a better learner. The leading computer science engineering colleges in India suggest that you list down a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to learning coding /a programming language before you begin your lessons such as:

  1. Getting Into The Basics First

A few basic concepts of any coding language would be its variables, control structures, data structures, syntax and tools. You should always begin by grasping the basic concepts of the programming language that you are interested in learning. Move on to more difficult and complicated concepts only when you have mastered the basics.

  1. Language With Low-Level Concepts

Why do experts say that you should always begin with a programming language that demonstrates low-level concept? This is because learning procedures and loops and also decomposing problems is a lot easier than writing a code for let’s say a website or probably a chat feature in an online marketplace. This means that performing tasks such as encapsulating data and writing small and quick functions will be an easier approach which should be the ideal thing to do when learning a new programming language.

  1. What Is Your Goal?

You should always pick a programming language based on your goals. What is the reason for you to learn coding in the first place? Do you want to develop a mobile app? Do you want to create a website? You should be clear as to what you want to achieve by learning that language.

  1. Hands On Coding

Instead of just memorizing or reading the code, make it a point to write down the code so that you can ensure hands-on learning during your entire lesson. It is important to type a code program so that you can learn from your mistakes every time.

  1. Code On Paper

The best computer engineering colleges in India suggest writing the code down first on paper. This is probably the best approach to learn any kind of programming language. This way you are forced to focus on what you are writing thereby eliminating any errors in the process. So yes, there are a few ground rules that you should always come up with before you start learning a new programming language. The same rules might not apply to everyone but yes, a few of them are going to apply to you definitely.

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