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How a Study Plan Template Will Boost Your Learning Effectiveness?

Students don’t like to study. Period. That’s the truth. But students, when they don’t study, end up lagging behind in their exams and score lesser marks. Marks and your academic performance becomes important because it is your stepping stone to enter a prestigious university or institution like MM Institute of Management or MM Engineering College or other institutions under MM(DU).

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So what to do if you are not fond of studying? Well, to begin with, you can follow these tips or try these methods and create your own study plan or a template. Some of the best faculty members from different streams and MM(DU) toppers have shared these tips to boost your study habits –

  1. Understand your study style – Before you make your own study template, you need to analyze and understand your study pattern. Ask yourself if you like to study by reading or by writing or by listening to YouTube videos or through discussion with your peer group. No one can answer these things on your behalf; you have to understand and analyze what helps you understand a topic better.
  2. Do your own SWOT analysis – Once you have deciphered your learning style, you need to also deliberate upon what are your strengths, weaknesses and what opportunities or threats are coming up in your education phase. Like some of the students are weak in practical subjects; others maybe week in theoretical subjects or where learning definitions and formulas are concerned. So it’s significant to do your SWOT analysis very first and then focus on enhancing your strengths and working on your weaknesses with expert help.
  3. Set out specific study times – In ancient India, there used to be Gurukul system of learning where students had specific times for each aspect of life. That’s what we follow in schools but when the students graduate to college their schedules go haywire and that’s when they start to lose their focus on studies and lose on their marks. This is one area where you need to discipline yourself. Especially during pandemic time, when the classes are happening online, you need to set a specific time for studying. This will help you create a perfect schedule for the day and a focused study template.
  4. Do group Study just once a week – Doing group study daily would not boost your performance; rather it may lead to time wastage. So experts and topper students recommend that you should do group sessions of studying only once a week and especially when you want to solve practical problems or clear your doubts.
  5. Reach out to your teachers whenever you are stuck – Rather than wasting time looking for the answers in different books or asking other students, we advise you to connect with your teachers through various ways either online or during class interaction and discuss whatever problems you are facing. A teacher would help you understand the concept and then you will not make the same mistake again.
  6. Give yourself rest, me-time and a proper sleep – A good study template is about having focused and quality study time. Students are able to focus on their subjects especially the tough ones when their mind is well-rested. So avoid studying when you have noise around or when your Family is going for a vacation or when you are stressed about something or with a sleepy mind.


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