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How to get over a disappointing Boards Result

Class 12th is, no doubt, the most important class of our School system. Simply because the marks of this class decide our future course of action! We get admission in a good college or university on the basis of Boards result. The level of competition is so tough that about 10 lakh students normally sit for the JEE exams while the number of seats in all IITs is about ten thousand! Now imagine the psychological and emotional condition of all the students who fail to clear this exam despite giving their best for two years! This failure coupled with a disappointing Board’s result can cause severe depression in youngsters and it is very important for parents to be a support during this phase.

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Class 12th results are important not just for medical or non-medical students but also for Humanities and Commerce students because they get admission in their desired University only when they clear the cut-off list. The cut-off list for DU colleges like SRCC, St. Stephens, The Hindu College is as high as 98 or 99% sometimes so what should an average student do when he or she fails to clear the 12th class with flying colours? Parents need to realize that not everyone is born a topper so they play a crucial role in helping their son or daughter get over a disappointing Boards results in following ways –

Celebrate Performance 

We often see competitive parents create unnecessary pressure on their ward. Instead of forcing the child to be competitive, the parents must celebrate their child’s marks; whether it is 95% or 85%. Parents should not pressurize their ward to be a topper and score 99.99% marks. Such pressure cracks the children and they fail to succeed in life even when they have done exceptionally well in the board examinations.

Always plan for multiple career options 

Students should not stick to one career plan; they should always chalk out some options. So if you want to go into IIT, you must also have in mind other options, if you fail to clear JEE because the result is always in the hands of the Almighty.

Career counseling 

It’s very important that students get in touch with a professional career counselor who will guide them about multiple career options and India’s best colleges and universities where he or she can plan the future course of action. Focusing on just one university or one college or one career path would not help you grow especially if you fail to make through the cut-off list. Career counselors know the details and specific information relevant for your career in sync with your potential and interests.

Plan University visits 

Lastly, the parents must visit different universities and take the decision on the basis of their infrastructure, learning environment, and also meet the faculty. Do not make the mistake of forming your opinion about a college or university just by hearing from other parents or your child’s friends. Many top universities of North India like MMDU, Mullana organize Campus Visit days for parents as well as students so that they can see themselves what makes this campus so vibrant and encouraging place for the youth.



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