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M M Engineering College Mullana Welcomed its Engineering Freshers

Engineering Orientation Program Pic

M M Engineering College Mullana Welcomed its Engineering Freshers

Dear new members of MMEC family,

I bid you very warm welcome.

We must continually strive to uphold, and in fact, enhance and grow. This objective of everybody is the objective of M. M. engineering College. Our aim to make the institution an outstanding institution of higher learning and academic excellence rests upon your performance.

As you have joined this special family, you need to know and understand what skills and core values you will be inculcated with. We here at MMEC have a group of scholars engaged in the generation, dissemination and application of knowledge.

Our purpose is to teach in ways which inspire our students to engage critically with knowledge and its production. We lead the students towards their journey of discovery through the knowledge and skills imparted. The graduates of the college can imagine a better society and a better world and act with courage and conviction to change our society.

Students do not and cannot exist alone – they exist within a particular social, economic, cultural, political and historical context. They are an integral part of the community in which they exist. For this the college has a specific purpose of discharging social responsibility through community engagement. You would love to be the part of such community services.

One suggestion I would like to give. You will have a stunted growth if you surround yourself with only those who share your beliefs, ideas, perspectives, world view and have had a similar lived experience as you. I therefore strongly recommend that you associate and interact with other young people who come from different backgrounds. You can enrich your experience by interacting and communicating with people from diverse backgrounds. This opportunity you will get here on the campus as we have students not only of different cultural and social backgrounds but also of different nationalities.

College is the phase where transformation takes place. You can also experience immense personal transformation and enlightenment if you keep an open mind. We want you to develop the ability and capacity to analyze, to reason with evidence, to reflect and argue using knowledge. We want you to develop an attitude which is free from any prejudice. We want to enhance your skills which are not only technical but also communication skills, soft skills and behaviour skills. By growing with us, we ensure you can be a better person professionally as well as personally.

You have chosen very well indeed!

It was really a time of pleasure on orientation day to interact with you

Wish you all the best for your academic journey!

 M M Engineering College ,Mullana

Dr Avinash Sharma
Principal, M M Engineering College ,Mullana

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