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To Make Students Employable Soft Skills are Essential

While hiring candidates, the employers look for those who are good communicators and well-organized. However, it is difficult to find suitable candidates. The universities need to take notice of this issue that is threatening the very future of the students i.e. a blend of soft and hard skills. While imparting hard skills, they tend to ignore the soft skills. To make students job-ready or employable, soft skills are an absolute essential. These are the combination of people skills,  social skills,  communication skills, and right attitude which enable a student to effectively navigate his environment, work well with others, perform well and achieve his goals. The curriculum of most of the universities tends to ignore the fact that at the end of the day, a student would be working in a team, reporting to someone, dealing with work pressure, handling people working under him,  giving presentations, attending phone calls, sending mails,  thinking critically, setting priorities and goals, bringing innovations etc.  Every employer is looking for such skills among students. Groomed personality is as important as carrying a mobile phone.

According to a survey only 3 percent graduates have suitable skills to be employed in software or product market,  and only 7 percent can handle core engineering tasks.  The same survey reveals that the lack of English communication skills which companies found in 73.63 percent of candidates, is one of the main reasons for unemployment.

Even the most brilliant students are rejected in interviews because of the lack of the ability to deliver their views. This is because universities do not ensure leadership skills, communication skills, team handling, personality, creativity, professional ethics, and many more.

In a survey by CareerBuilder, it is observed that 77 percent of employers seek candidates with right soft skills.  While hard skills can also be built on the job,  employees are selected on the basis of possession of soft skills like communication skills, a positive attitude and the ability to work in a team.  Hence,  to boost career and to improve placements,  universities need to ponder upon the requirement of soft skills in their curricula.

Dr. Tanu Gupta

This blog is written by Dr Tanu Gupta




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