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MMDU Hosting 6-Day Youth Leadership Camp starting 18th June

MM (Deemed to be University), Mullana is hosting six-day Youth Leadership Camp from 18th June to 23rd June 2018.

Representing both industry and academia, young leaders from more than 10 countries, including South Africa, Germany, Malaysia and Hong Kong will participate at the youth leadership camp to interact and share their ideas.

For visiting young leaders upholding the cultural and educational inheritance of their respective country, the event will certainly be a great opportunity to share their experiences through networking and community-building activities.

During the camp, every day will start with morning workout (exercise, sports, yoga, aerobics and swimming) and wind up with healthy discussion sessions. Ranging right from time management skills and interpersonal skills, the camp will cover an array of topics like SWOT Analysis, Power of Habits, Visualization, Behavioural training, and more.

Students, during their visit, will also get a chance to explore places like Kurukshetra Museum, Chandigarh Museum, Chandigarh Sukhna Lake, and more. The University is also making arrangements of fun-filled activities for the Youth leaders. There will be cultural shows, games, and talent show events for the young leaders.

The entire youth leadership camp will consist of sessions on self-awareness, self-improvement, and leadership skills which will spread over 6 days. According to the university, the Youth Leadership Camp will not only help visiting students to develop their leadership potential but also help them gain understanding of teamwork, leadership techniques, and effective communication.

Best of all, Students who are enrolled in Universities/ Institutions will receive scholarship from MMDU to participate in the event. The scholarship will include following benefits:

  • All tuition and activity expenses
  • Airport Transportation (from Chandigarh airport)
  • Accommodation in on-campus International Hostel, and
  • All meals

The event is scheduled to begin at 9:00 am. Committee Hall of Admin Block of the MMDU, Mullana is decided as the venue to give the event an astonishing start.




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