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MMDU’s Center of Excellence with National Instruments

MMDU is considered to be one of the best universities of India for engineering, science and technology courses. One main reason for this is the progressive approach of university that gets reflected in its tie-ups with leading institutions and organizations all across the world to set up centers of excellence. MMDU’s Center of Excellence with National Instruments gives hands-on training to the students about important aspects of science and engineering.

Some of the practical benefits accruing to students through MMDU’s Center of Excellence with National Instruments include exposure to NI tools helping students to identify problems and build solutions faster than ever before. Another tool taught in this Center, LabVIEW, is a highly productive development environment for creating custom applications that interacts with real-world data or signals in fields such as science and engineering. All these give the students the ability to move seamlessly from theory to simulation to experimentation in circuits and electronics. Moreover, students end up discovering concepts and building real-world solutions with an ecosystem of hardware, software, and courseware for controls and mechatronics at a swift speed.

Students can enrol for a special training program run at MMDU’s Center of Excellence with National Instruments. This program covers Labview Basics & Programming, Hardware Interfacing through Mydaq & Myrio Cards, Hands-On Sessions and Mini Projects as well.

Getting global level exposure right here during your graduation programme is just the right beginning, success-minded students need. No wonder, MMDU emerges as the preferred choice. For more details, click:





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