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Center of Excellence with SAP

For those who wish to kickstart their career with big organizations, global brands or MNCs, the road begins from MMDU’s Center of Excellence with SAP. SAP offers 200 hours of Training to MMDU students. This training follows 25% Instructor Based and 75% Online Based Training approach. Registration for the same can be done on SAP Portal throughout the year. The biggest benefit and advantage for MMDU students is that SAP Center of Excellence offers the students flexible timing option; they can choose any time from 9am to 9pm, all 7 days. SAP has well-equipped labs that give practical exposure to the students.

Above all, students get the best career opportunities and a chance to be selected by the top recruiters owing to the brand value of SAP. The course offered by SAP in MMDU is highly discounted and there are further discount vouchers in case the students wish to take on Global Certification.

The Course enables the students to gain expertise in ABAP, Sales Distribution, Finance, Human Resource and Material Management. Students can check the link for more details about its admission process and schedule.





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