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Project Based Learning Gives an Extra Edge to Education

Professional education in the world is a result of the advancements in Technology and Innovation. The moment we see a machine in the market, we can understand that there has been a long process that went into Research and Development of that thing. There were people who were toiling hard and remained dedicated to the task in hand. They were habitual of doing their best in the project they were engaged in.

The presence of Project Dedication does not happen in a single day or because of some reward; it comes from an education which is integrated with the most advanced and preferred mode of learning and that is Project Based Learning alias PBL!

What is PBL?

Project-based learning is capable to meet the challenges of aspirants for solving the real world problems instead of focusing on exam-based traditional classroom learning.

We may study Engineering or we can be students of MBBS or Paramedical streams, PBL has a significant role to play. When we move ahead to establish the importance of a trending and successful arm of learning, we must understand what scope it carries with it.

Sources suggest, “Project-based learning (PBL) is a dynamic approach to teaching in which students explore real-world problems and challenges. With this type of active and engaged learning, students are inspired to obtain a deeper knowledge of the subjects they’re studying.”

There is no denying that the above description hails Project-based Learning as an effective way to impart learning in the classroom and beyond. Yes, it is true that with the use of this comprehensive way of teaching-learning, we can expand the classroom beyond the walls and corridors. Challenges are better solved via this.

Why PBL is better than Traditional Learning?

When it comes to igniting young minds for the future, then education becomes the pivotal concern. In this context, the fast emerging method PBL focuses on expanding problem- solving skills and critical thinking in the students. Walk through a few reasons defining why one should go for project-based learning.

  1. Real World Problem Simulation

PBL helps students to face real-world problems and get effective solutions for the same. With the help of project-based learning, students are able to learn various things while working on what they know and widen new skills around passions, hobbies, and careers.

  1. Technology Inclusion

Project-based Learning is also an effective way to integrate technology into the curriculum. A typical project can easily accommodate computers and the Internet, as well as interactive whiteboards, global-positioning-system (GPS) devices, digital still cameras, video cameras, and associated editing equipment.

Natural inquiry from students is the hallmark of the quality of learning at an institution. When the curriculum is made and when the teachers work on the pedagogy and learning material, they also work on the integration of technology.

  1. Tracking of Progress

It is imperative to acknowledge the impact of ‘assignments’ that make the students demonstrate their learning. The students of sciences and technology develop products that showcase their learning of the concepts. It can be animation, podcasts, presentations or videos that bring to surface the enterprising skills of the students. PBL enables teachers to learn and excel more up to global standards.

In PBL both students and teachers can track their progress that is involved in the situation given to the students for solving real-world problems. On the contrary, in traditional classroom learning, this is almost gone astray.

  1. Determines the Actual Knowledge

PBL is based on deep-insights of concepts and works on the ‘collaboration’ model where the classroom comes together to find the best way to enhance learning.

By supplementing the findings, it gives unfathomed growth to the minds indulging in project-based learning. It is known to us that involvement is the key to open the unending amount of learning among students. When our students practice in the state-of-the-art workshops and labs, we see that the PBL is not just making the concepts clear, rather this phenomenon makes them do their best. The fascination of mankind is in Task Oriented work.

  1. Promotes Deeper Learning

In PBL, students go through an array of stages of problem solving all the way through the structure of the project which embraces stages like work planning, project scoping, activity tracking and performing, presentation of the project, managing uncertainties, and then some. This way, PBL gives students an opportunity to work on skills of observation and think deeply about the concepts.

Final Word

In streams that need simulations, hands-on experienced and dedicated practical hours, assigning projects is the best way to impart the 21st-century skills of

  1. Collaboration
  2. Creativity
  3. Communication
  4. Critical Thinking

While MMDU established the highest standards of PBL by using Technology in the classroom, the new dimension of Project Based Learning has been made an integral part of everyday learning. Students and teacher thrive hard to accomplish the best understanding and this collaborative approach has been made possible only through Project-based Learning. The Blended Learning Model with the use of Google Classroom, EduSoMedia and other EdTech tools is helping MMDU, the NAAC ‘A’ grade university, re-defining the learning.





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