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The Importance of Sports in a Student’s Life

Sport is probably one of the activities that students are hesitant to participate in. This aversion is mostly influenced by the advent of newer ways of entertainment such as online gaming. The drive for sports activities has therefore lost its entertaining allure as the younger generation tend to lean more towards the virtual worlds of online gaming. The development of entertaining platforms such as social media has only made actual sports activities even less popular. This shift is however quite unfortunate considering the extensive benefits of participating in sporting activities.

The most critical traditional aspect of sports activities for students is probably as an entertainment source. Back in the day, before all the social media buzz, participating in any sport was a very engaging and fun pastime that could keep students entertained.It goes without saying that this is very important especially in a campus setting where there are lot of students because, when bored, students tend to get up to no good which often has dire consequences .

As the younger generations evolve, statistics have shown a growing susceptibility to diseases, allergies and even mental health issues. While there are a lot of plausible explanations for this spike, the lack of consistent fitness activities has a major role to play in this. For students and young people in general, sports can provide an efficient yet indirect way of exercising. This significantly strengthens the body hence enhancing the immune condition of the body to ward of some of the conditions on its own. It’s no surprise therefore that the older generations spent less fortunes on treatment due to their fit dispositions, gained from participating more in sports activities.

Unknown to many, sports activities can be a gateway to better opportunities for students. In developing nations, a significant number of students from under-privileged backgrounds have secured scholarships, bursaries and financial support through excelling in sports which subsequently improved their lives quite significantly. In the more developed nations, sports can actually be the one thing that sets students apart from the rest especially in competitive scenarios such as college placements and even the securing of scholarships or education financing as well.

As students desist more from participating in sports activities, higher cases of social issues and mental challenges are recorded. The act of participating in sport has actually been proved to be very therapeutic in nature. Students can develop better interaction skills such as conflict resolution and effective communication through sport. This is pretty convenient considering that the modern society spends quite a lot of money on therapeutic services. Students who participate more in sport activities have been known to be less prone to mental ailments like social anxiety or depression.

It is also a great way to make friends by having something in common to break the ice, something which a lot of young people struggle with. The distraction and efforts of engaging in sports is also a great way to iron out frustrations for most people. Students can easily learn to cope to their lives by expending their frustrations on the playing field especially in their early days of learning.

Controlled sport also tends to enhance the discipline of students. By learning to follow instructions and game rules, students can actually become better students by extending these skills to their academic activities. Learning new concepts becomes much easier considering how education systems are usually structured in a strategic and step-by-step manner, which is similar to any sport. To be considered a member of a team can greatly help to boost self confidence in some students. More so if the collective efforts results in a measurable achievement like a trophy.

Students can also improve their own personal attributes through sport. Participating as members of a team will definitely act as team-building exercise and enhance leadership or interpersonal skills which will help to spruce up the CVs when job hunting. The experience of working for a common goal will also help employers to differentiate between students with similar academics.

At MMDU, students are immensely encouraged to participate in various sports activities and release their unexpressed energy. This way, the university helps students lead happier and brighter life as participating in sports activities have proven to provide not only physical but also psychological and social benefits to the students. It increases mental alertness, self-esteem and confidence of the students which is an essential part of the curriculum. In a nutshell, students must participate in sports activities to derive a vigorous and healthy life.



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