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Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid in Choosing a College

There is no denying the fact that it is the education we receive in a college that becomes the foundation of our career. And that’s where many Indian students falter, they end up choosing a wrong college and sacrifice not just their present but also their future. Through this article, expert academicians and career counselors have compiled a list of top 10 mistakes which you must avoid at all costs before choosing a college. These mistakes have been made in the past by numerous youth and now they’re regretting it.

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Because life is too short to make all the mistakes and learn so let us learn from the experience of others and avoid these mistakes while selecting the college for higher education –

1.Never choose a college blindly following your friend

No two people are same; your friends’ potential and passion doesn’t match yours; so choose the college which matches and ignite your passion rather than going for a college where your friends are enrolling into.

2.Choosing the college on the basis of relative’s recommendation or your parents pressure

You are a new-age generation, so we recommend that you look for the college ratings on various websites like Shiksha, College Duniya or check out various rankings surveys to know college rankings and then take the decision.

3.Choosing a college where teachers are known for their lenient approach

Discipline is very important during college years so you better choose a college which is strict about attendance and classes rather than a lenient one.

4.Choosing a college where students get to have more fun and less practical training exposure

MMDU Colleges and institutes are highly recommended if you value corporate grooming, life skills training and LIVE projects for students.

5.Choosing a college with lower fee structure 

Some of the good colleges of India especially in Haryana like MMDU, MM Engineering College, MM Institute of Management etc offers Scholarships to brilliant and needy students.

6.Choosing a degree that is in fashion but doesn’t interest you

Students don’t just make mistakes while choosing college; they also make mistakes while selecting the course under peer pressure or bandwagon spirit.

7.Looking out for colleges only in your city

The world is a global village and you should move out. You would be amazed to know that MMDU gets students from nearly 15 countries of the world.

8.Choosing a college without visiting the campus

Make sure to visit the campus and pay closer attention to all the amenities provided to students.

9.Choosing a college without research and taking a hurried decision

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10.Choosing a college without looking at its Alumni’s success

If a college has maintained a good placement record in near past, you should choose it rather than any random college.



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