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Engineering or Medical: The Better Career Choice for a Student

A million-dollar question that haunts and challenges the students and parents is Engineering or medical, which is a better career choice for them. These are some of the conventional choices and both are known for opening endless job prospects associated with these streams. Medical and engineering are the most admired career choices so the candidates are always in a state of dilemma as to which is a better option for them. The students must listen to their inner conscience and evaluate both the streams keeping in mind their potential and passion before making a final decision of their career.

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Engineering or Medical – which is better?

When you opt for Engineering – Engineering is a four-year degree course that can fetch students a handsomely-paying job but in the case of medicine the students have to put in a lot of labour for good 8-9 years, which includes 4.5 years of MBBS, then internship for a year and further three years of expertise in some field you choose to opt. So, it is a long process before you start earning well.

Going for a medical profession gives the high of healing patients and saving the lives of people. And this factor does allure the students. So generally most of them choose to make a flourishing career in the medical field. The inner satisfaction of healing someone gives you a kick in life which abundance of wealth can never give. If you can toil hard and keep yourself updated on day to day basis, the medical profession is what you need to opt for.

In the case of Engineering, the biggest problem, as well as challenges, is the immense competition for a good institute. It appears every second young girl or boy today aspires to be an engineer. This implies that most of the people who take up engineering from a normal institute would face tough competition in terms of the job as well as career growth. As compared to engineering, Medical pass-outs can easily get a job or can also opt for their private practice.

So, while deciding between Engineering and Medical, the students need to estimate their skills sensibly and prudently before taking a final call.

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