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Want to Sound Smarter?

It’s a cut throat competition world; if you don’t sound smarter, you will not get job. The recent research has indicated that half of the youth who do not get job during campus placement drives get rejected because they don’t sound smart or in other words, they don’t exude confidence, they lack communication skills, they talk without making eye contact, their body language is not impressive and their pronunciation needs improvement All these things might sound very small or insignificant to you but corporate life or your success in career depends not just on degree but on all these things. The youth has to sound smart and convincing as well as confident enough that the entire team listens to them when they present their views.

It is education that prepares us to lead confidently and to be a part of corporate ecosystem. That’s why there is an increasing need of

  1. Confident youth with good command of at least two languages
  2. Increased general awareness among the youth so that they can voice their views on current topics and trends
  3. Personality development programmes that sensitize the youth on how to be a part of corporate society and how to dress up, talk and carry themselves in the corporate world
  4. A sense of responsibility and accountability towards each other so that we grow with compassion instead of competition

The Placement Cell of MMDU is like a success story as it trains the students on soft skills and personality development. Eminent experts on personality development are engaged to train the students to face interviews with confidence. This gives them the mental preparedness to face the selection panel. Not just confidence and communication skills, there are workshops for students on topics related to discipline and hard work which are essential for their success.

We all understand the importance of appreciating and building upon our strengths but today’s business culture pin points and takes steps to rectify weaknesses rather than cashing in on the strengths of their manpower. They invest immeasurable energy and valuable time in addressing and correcting deficits. And there’s so much performance pressure. So it is very important for the youth to understand what corporate culture is and how to cope up with it.

If universities or colleges don’t invest in making their youth smart and confident, we all will be left with unrecognized and de-motivated potential that will not be able to perform to the best of their capabilities even when there are hundreds of opportunities around.

MMDU’s Placement Cell also runs corporate grooming and mentoring programs that help the youth grow intellectually as well as emotionally. This unique program recognizes that each youngster is unique, each voice has a different signature, each talent leaves a distinct mark and their likes and dislikes and aspirations set them apart. And while most of us gravitate towards improving upon our weaknesses, MMDU’s mentoring faculty invests in the students and helps them strengthen the areas they’re good at. Finding the niche and developing the skills will widen the youth’s scope of thinking. A thinking youth will definitely sound smarter as well. And a smart youth would end up with high LPAs just like MMDU students grab the best company offers ranging from 20-30 lakhs per annum. Smartness is definitely the key to success and universities play an important role in smartening the youth.

The previous education system of colleges and universities taught only to listen, write, cram, learn and score marks but after the coming of some good universities like MMDU, even the youth are realizing that they need soft skills, corporate grooming and mentoring along with a reputed degree. More and more colleges and universities all over India are now following the pattern of MMDU. Leading educational institutions of Indian are now organizing corporate grooming sessions so that the youth is job-ready equipped with knowledge, skill and confidence!




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