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What is the importance of Room Division Management?

As hospitality industry continues to grow, newer and diverse job profiles keep gaining momentum and catch the interest of the youth. Room Division Management is one such field. But one needs to do a Room Division Management course to get a lucrative job in this genre.

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Room Division Management comprises management of operations of various departments such as the front office, room reservations, housekeeping responsibilities, concierge division and guest services, security and communications and related services. Room division management is a very important process of the entire working of a hotel. It works as the first point of contact between the hotel guests and the staff members and contributes significantly to the profit and the overall revenue of the hotel.

Room division management pays close attention to guest satisfaction with respect to not just room cleanliness and upkeep but also the general services that a guest is able to avail after having checked in. Here the student is expected to come up with appropriate plans to fix the current problems being faced by the hotel. They will be given exercises and case studies such as surveys and feedbacks and several simulations on the basis of which they will have to come up with solutions that will enhance the service quality of the hotel.

Room Division Management course encompasses the following and more:

  • Understanding the financial responsibility for division of rooms and the economic aspect of the whole process
  • Setting employee satisfaction goals and supervising the whole team
  • Setting guest satisfaction goals and ensuring action to achieve the same
  • Formulating guest service policies
  • Guest relations management and communication skills
  • Security management
  • Gift shop management

Along with this, students will also be able to learn how to control costs and disseminating information during the busiest checkout periods. They also learn the importance of “friendly service face to face” with the aim of achieving a higher degree of guest satisfaction.

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Many leading hotel management colleges and institutions offer certificate programs and diplomas in Room Division Management. MMICT & BM (Hotel Management), a leading Culinary and Hospitality education institute of MMDU which has been ranked 4th in the category of Excellence and No. 1 Private Hotel Management Institution in Haryana also offers 1.5 year Diploma in Room Division Management. The course also includes 6 months training and is available for all students who have passed Senior Secondary (10+2) Examination with at least five subjects including English as a compulsory subject.




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