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What is food production management?

Everyone who is keen to build a career in food production management industry, the Good News is the abundance of opportunities to work, grow and succeed. Whether you plan to open your small or big cafe or having your own catering company, it is important that you enrol for a food production management course. This course, when done from a reputed hospitality or hotel management institute or university, will assist you in developing your skills and knowledge in the processing of food, quality assurance, and trade management to pursue a professional career in the international food industry. And if you are also blessed with good team spirit and skills, you definitely have a great future in food service industry. In fact, some of the universities like MMDU also work on soft skills of the students when they enrol for such professional courses like food production management course.

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In the food production management, the chief task of a person is to ensure that all the procedures related to food production run smoothly and without any complications. The food production manager needs to have extensive skills like looking after the administration, purchasing of quality raw materials and deciding the appropriate menu, taking care of the sanitation, nutrition, recruitment of staff, communications and technology. Even though the responsibility of menu innovation and food preparation styling comes on to the chef, the food production manager is also equally responsible for these tasks and supporting the culinary team. A food production manager has to be creative and smart enough to understand market trends so that their brand or business can come up with new recipes every now and then to attract customers. With all these traits, the food production manager will have a cutting edge over others and rewards will be electrifying and exciting in the upcoming future.

The scope of work profiles in Food Production genre is growing by leaps and bounds in both India and abroad as it is the most cost efficient and safest business operating system.

From where you pursue your diploma or degree of food production management course is very significant. There are several Institutes of Hospitality Management that offers courses in Food Production Management, which are affiliated to the reputed universities. Students who complete their graduation or diploma from these institutes are well prepared and market-ready to take up challenges and have a lot of practical knowledge to perform their responsibilities meticulously and achieve success.

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MMICT & BM (Hotel Management) of MMDU offers 1.5 year Diploma course in Food production that also includes 6 months Industrial Training. The course is in high demand as the curriculum is designed in sync with industry needs.



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