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What is the use of BBA course?

BBA course is gaining immense popularity in India so much so that the 68% of Haryana’s twelfth pass-outs in 2019 from Commerce stream opted to do BBA course in Haryana’s top business college or university rather than simple B.Com course. Current trends are in favour of BBA and most of the students instead of doing BCom prefer to do BBA because it is the stepping stone to MBA.

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BBA or Bachelors in Business Administration is considered a professional degree where the students not only get a chance to do practical training with business organisations but also get exposure to different subjects than B.Com. B.Com is considered an academic degree but BBA is considered a professional degree and has higher employability quotient and that’s the main reason for its ever-increasing recognition.

So what can a student do after doing BBA?

Good job options with campus placements

Graduates of Business Administration get campus placements in good jobs in banking sector, insurance, digital start-ups etc. Most of the companies prefer to hire BBA graduates for business development and administration work profiles. Universities like MMDU organize full-fledged campus placement drive for their BBA students. Latest industry statistics indicate that after doing a BBA course from a reputed business college or university, chances of students getting a job immediately after BBA are two times higher than B.Com.

Own business or entrepreneurship

Start-ups and entrepreneurship is the buzzword today. Indian youth is bubbling with innovative ideas and all they need is the support of venture capitalists to make that idea work. BBA gives a student enough knowledge about different aspects of doing business, managing business, executing projects and improving the bottom-line so all those who have an entrepreneurial bent of mind can opt to do BBA in place of B.Com.

Pursuing MBA

Students can also choose to do MBA after BBA and that becomes easy for them because most of the subjects of MBA are an extension of what they have studied in BBA. BBA curriculum also involves doing project reports and case study based approach of education and that’s why it is easier for the students to cope with MBA curriculum if they have done BBA.

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MMDU’s MM Institute of Management (MMIM) which is considered as the best MBA College of Haryana offers best BBA course in Haryana with different specializations.



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