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What are the Various Types Of Law Courses That You Can Opt For After 12th?

Most of the students who wish to pursue a career in Law often ask the question – What are different types of law program that student can pursue? Law is a very diverse and complicated discipline in India. Law Education is probably one of the biggest and most complex and dynamic in our country. Students who wish to get admission in law have to clear the CLAT which is the Common Law Admission Test. After that they can pursue the following law courses:

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Bachelors Of Law Or LLB

This is a 3 year course which is one of the most commonly opted out of all the law courses available to students. You may proceed with this after your 12th standard.

Integrated Undergraduate Degree

These courses are popular by the name of BA LLB, B.Sc LLB, BBA LLB and B.Com LLB. These last for 5 years and are suited for a variety of students belonging to practically any stream after they have taken their 12th board examination successfully.

Masters Of Law Or LLM

LLM is a master’s degree in legal education as it is pretty clear by its name. You get the option of choosing between one year and two-year duration program according to your specialization.

Masters Of Business Law

The MBL degree is a master’s program in legal education in India. This offers specialization in business law and also comes with the option of 1 or 2 year duration.

Doctor Of Philosophy In Law

If you are thinking of pursuing a PhD in a subject, law is a discipline that you should seriously consider. A PhD can be done after you have completed your legal education. You will find a majority of highly reputed institutions in India offering several PhD programs to its students.

Integrated MBA LLM / MBA LLM

This is typically a 3 year course with a specialization in business. You can pursue it after completing your LLB.

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In case you are interested in doing any of these courses, check out the curriculum offered by MMDU, one of the leading universities of North India reckoned worldwide for its faculty in Law Department. The Law Department of MMDU is considered one of the best law colleges in India on the parameters of its alumni’s achievements and students performance.



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