India is the present reality, Bharat is the rich past.

The very first thing which strikes our minds is that India is the progressive and urban version of our country while Bharat is the rural and underdeveloped face of our nation.

Modern India is all about development, growth, technology with a big contribution from the western countries. While Bharat date back to the old time of Vedas, culture, poverty, and simplicity.

India is the present reality, Bharat is the rich past.

Now let’s have a look at the whole scenario from the other side.

Metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai points to the poverty and inequality while knowing that the outskirts are covered with slums. On the other hand, rural areas are developing at a great level. The corporate training institutes and government sectors are providing many job opportunities at the ‘Bharat’ area.

Let’s talk about politics now. While the urban cities are suffering from poor law and order along with safety concerns, our political leaders boast about developing the rural areas and yet doing nothing but getting votes.

Bharat symbolizes our ancient heritage. It mirrors India’s past achievements in literature and arts whereas India had created an environment where all religions and cultures live peacefully with each other. And this is what displays our nation’s strength – Our respect for all religions and cultures.

When we talk about rural Bharat or small town, we should not forget that today’s India has some great success stories which were born in these small towns. M.S. Dhoni from Ranchi, Sunil Mittal from Ludhiana, and many more are the biggest example.

Today’s India spends 300 crores on a single movie and has reached mars whereas today’s Bharat is busy yielding crops and doing excessive hard work to feed the nation. The aim of today’s India is to be a part of United Nations Security Council while today’s Bharat is longing for potable water.

India is a combination of ancient culture from Bharat and modern technologies and morals from the west. Our nation is on its way to becoming a developed country. Let’s save and cherish our rich past, our national language, our values, our culture and move towards a developed BHARAT.

Let’s contribute towards a better and developed Bharat.


Sheena Manktala

M.B.B.S (3rd Year)




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