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Why is Electronics and Communication Engineering gaining popularity?

Engineering is not just about taking classes for 4 years or submitting reports; it is all about exploring the ideas and concepts with you in the most congenial environment and opening your mind to innovation and technology so to create solutions that make life better. This is what engineering is all about – strengthening the scientific and analytical skills of students by encouraging their inclination towards science and technology to benefit the nation and humanity in the best manner!

Since the beginning of time, technology has been constantly changing and evolving and this change has been evolving continuously. Technology has made humans and their lives smart, effective and efficient but for all engineering fields, the one which has contributed more or made this happen is Electronics and Communication Engineering. From gramophone to earphones, from CDs to memory cards, from analogue circuits to PCBs (digital circuit), from chips to Bionic limbs, from drones to satellites, from satellites to planet hunters everything which has been reflected and implemented by this field has led to compactness, efficiency and effectiveness and in low cost, low resources and more productivity. This drastic implementation of Electronics and Communication in real life with enhanced devices have changed human life and made it better. From dial up connections to WiFi, 4G, 5G, broadband, Satellite navigation, communication has been easy and made to rest on people’s finger tip where they can call, message, even view anyone from video call. It is also very easy to monitor and control the devices and other appliances even from a remote location.

Mobile hand sets are better now; you can work, do business and play too with your Smart Phone. The diverse use of embedded systems in Internet of Things (IoT) has opened up a new dimension in almost every field of life. IoT can be used in Smart Cities, Smart Homes, Smart Agriculture, Smart Transportation, Smart Grids, Logistics, Smart Industry Automation, Health and Fitness monitoring etc. And, there is more to come in this field and technology and this is what excites the innovators. Hence, more and more students are choosing Electronics & Communication Engineering as their preferred field of study because this technology can transform in a way that from an electronic component to devices which can imitate your voice and also paves way for artificial intelligence – the next step to future. It is this branch of engineering that contributes to implementing technology and making people’s life better and hence the increased interest and inclination of youth to study it.

Electronics and Communication Engineering has today become the buzzword. Not only there exist immense opportunities in various segments such as designing equipments, routers, switches, fiber optics and electronic switching systems etc but also an ever-increasing demand for graduates of this field owing to their contribution with respect to mechanical equipments, mobile devices and servers and setting up networks in IT sector.

The future is bright for Electronics and Communication Engineering provided they enroll in a world-class engineering college or university like MMDU which is known for its best quality education through state-of-the-art education infrastructure and world’s leading faculty in this field. Post the completion of the course, students will be proficient owing to an in-depth understanding and completed knowledge of the manufacturing and working of the electronics, communications and broadcast systems. Such is the goodwill and brand value of ECE from MMDU that the students of this university are now working in top notch institutions and organizations. Ashwani Kumar Panjeta and Bharat Sharma are working with ISRO, Ankita Jain is working as a Senior Financial Analyst with Siemens Canada Ltd. Ishaan Khanna in Omega Integration Pte Ltd, Singapore, Happy Kathuria in Anglo aster Shipping Management, Texas, USA, Vikas Goel in Capgemini USA, Anshul Goel working in the profile of Technology Lead Infosys, California, Manmohan Dhaiya in Indian Army, Mohit of 2003-2007 batch is working as a Senior Section Engineer with Indian Railways, Sandeep Kamboj in ZTE Telecom India Pvt. Ltd., Ritish Bajaj in Huawei India Telecommunications Pvt Ltd, Akshit Mehendiratta is with HDFC Bank Ltd, Ludhiana, Sahil Gupta in Huawei technologies, Malaysia… to name a few!

Also worth mentioning is National Instrument & Texas Instruments USA based Company has a tie-up with MMDU to facilitate students with the latest software and research equipments.

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