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Story of Extraordinary Success

I am Samridhi Sanjay Moudgil currently pursuing 5 year Law degree from MMDU, Mullana. I always wanted a platform which would help me grow and nurture but at the same time guide me in the most dynamic ways keeping up with the changing world. I was aiming to be a part of India’s leading university with a high level of education, grooming, competition and learning so that I begin a bright career the moment my university education ends. It was important for me to be taught by the best faculty because teachers have always been the guiding force in every step towards my career. They are the pillars who strengthen our hopes and help us to aspire big in life.

I wanted to be a part of that college or university which allows me to explore my ideas, to question the set beliefs and gives me the freedom to think and do the new. I always wanted to take admission in a college in where there will be focus on each and every student along with a proper mentorship. I am glad I chose MMDU as it fulfilled all my expectations. Keeping pace with new learning ways and techniques, MMDU has never failed to bring us the comfort and advancement a student requires for an all round development. Moreover, Unity in diversity is perfectly carried out by our university. We have people from totally different cultures and the way they work together, despite the differences of their backgrounds makes us feel like one small family. MMDU has the most encouraging faculty. Mentor is still an underestimated tag; I would call the teachers here as our idols.

Talking about my achievements, I have been actively involved in the literary events of the university as well as the national level. Not to brag but within one semester, I’ve been a participant of the National mock parliament and national MUN organized by the department of law, MMDU. I’ve been part of the Bhangra team in the national fest of my university.

I was invited to deliver a guest lecture in the dental college, MMDU, and I have a certificate of appreciation for the same, which made me feel I’ve learnt something in life which I could share further.

MMDU never fails to bring up new opportunities to grow and the best part is that they totally welcome new suggestion and ideas from us and there is nothing better than that. Since I come from a background which really demands me to be ambitious and achieve big in life, MMDU has helped me turn my dreams into reality. It has groomed me so well. It has helped me realize my capabilities and widen my ambit of skills. The extracurricular activates are the cherry on the cake. The practical exposure is such a big contribution to my development and the teachers have always insisted me to keep going and have guided me so well throughout.

I can see a big change in myself after MMDU education and so does the world!

Samridhi Sanjay Moudgil

BA-LLB BATCH((2016-21)




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