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A top-class rapper

I am Ashish from the city of temples, Jammu. I am a very optimistic, hardworking and sensitive person. My flexibility and belief is my biggest strength. I realized that I am good in managing that’s why I wanted to pursue BBA. I wanted to be a part of any top college or leading University that will help me to enhance my personal and professional management skills. I wanted a memorable college life where I will get to learn more and make new friends hailing from diverse cultures.

The reason why I wanted to pursue BBA was because I believe it is one of the best professional undergrad courses in present times. When you enroll for BBA from a leading business college or academic institution, your chances of getting a good job and high package immediately after graduation are very high. So I was keen to be one of the world-class professionals empowered with competitive knowledge, skills, ethical values and confidence to lead in the fields of management by doing a BBA course from any good university or college. I also wanted to be a part of alumni which is known for its stimulating and intellectual value. We all feel enthusiastic where we study in a campus environment conducive to personality development and confident decision-making. Plus, with so many friends going aboard for higher education, I also wanted to show the world that there exist best education opportunities in India itself.

MMDU, Mullana turned out to be my first choice for the course of BBA because I had heard a lot of good words about the university campus and its management education faculty. All those appreciations turned out to be true as it is because of the encouragement given by the faculty that led me to take part in various activities inside or outside the university.

The wide campus of MMDU facilitates very student by providing an environment where each student is free to explore not only their ideas but also work on their inner potentials. This is the reason MMDU has become the breeding ground of many stories and has led to my overall upliftment as well.   Living in a culturally diverse country, I was keen to meet students from different parts of India. Well, at MMDU, I got to interact and mingle with students from all across the world.

This university has upgraded my passion towards Rapping and has provided me a platform through T-Series. I have performed at my cultural functions being a part of MMDU and this has helped me develop my talent all the more. MMDU conducts various events which helps individual to embrace their innate talents. My favourite idol has been IKKA & BADSHAH who made me do away with shyness and come forward in front of the audience. I have lived a memorable and truly gratifying college life here. Whether it is sports or stage performance like singing, students of MMDU get a chance to explore their potential in various extracurricular activities.


BBA(BATCH 2017-20)




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