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Everyday is a new experience at MMDU: Kirti Modi

I am Kirti Modi, a student of Law at MMDU. I joined this course of LLB because I believe in bringing a change to the society. I am by nature a positive person and I feel good when I receive appreciation from the professionals. This helps in building my confidence and giving me more impetus to do better. That’s why I wanted to be a part of that Law College or University where I will get a chance to do practical training and more industry interactions.

Owing to such strong competition in law colleges, I was worried I won’t get a seat in good academic institution. To all my fellow students, I would recommend that always do your best in entrance exams and reserve your place in one of the top colleges of India. Like I worked hard to get my place in MMDU and I feel delighted for my hard work because it is one of the best law colleges of India today. It focuses on practical exposure of students and also on proper internship of the student which plays a vital role in finalizing the career success. Law students should pay a lot of attention on their internship because it is through these internships that their future prospects become bright.

I chose MMDU and feel so proud about my decision today. I want to share with all that I interned with advocate Satya Prakash at Rohini District court. Thanks to my faculty and MMDU’s proactive approach, I was fully prepared to handle this responsibility. A special lecture was organized for making us aware about the importance of internships by the department. In that lecture, faculty and Principal expressed their opinion and experiences about the internship. They updated us about the various companies, firms, NGOs, Advocates which are available for internships.

My objective behind taking up this internship was to learn valuable aspects of real challenges in the legal world. Internships like these not only add merits to our curriculum vitae but also teach us how to apply our theoretical knowledge in solving real-life problems.

During my internship, I came to know about various legal professionals and their way of doing work. The first task assigned to me was to study FIR copies and make their brief in English. I also visited to court to see court proceedings. I have observed how the lawyers solve legal problems. Our mentors and MMDU faculty prepared us for the internship. They taught us what to learn from where to learn and how to cope up with the stress and challenges. They helped to work on our personality and incorporate a sense of responsibility and punctuality. Both these aspects have made me a better professional today.

I would also like to thank MMDU for giving the students a diverse cultural environment. This diversity helps you to understand intercultural communication and global perspective. I had students from Afghanistan, Nigeria etc in my class and we lived in a friendly as well as encouraging ambiance.

Kirti Modi

BBA-LLB BATCH(2017-22)



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