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Why is Mechanical Engineering such a popular stream?

The world calls mechanical engineer as the jack-of-all-trade. No wonder, the professionals with a degree of mechanical engineering are in high demand owing to their vast knowledge of computer applications, electricity, structures, mathematics, physics, environmental, and technical factors. So getting a degree in Mechanical Engineering is the best foot forward for anyone keen to pursue engineering.

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Choose to do B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from a college that not only has a wonderful campus including state-of-the-art advanced labs,hydraulics Research labs,Pneumatic & hydraulic lab,Tribology,Non Conventional Machinery lab & BOSCH Center of Excellence but also the best faculty that can enhance your employ ability quotient. Simply because Mechanical Engineering is one profession that cannot thrive on just theoretical knowledge; it is important for the students to be exposed to practical aspects of mechanical engineering for their career growth and skill development.

If you want to make your mark in the field of Mechanical Engineering, enroll with a college that is known for its innovation and research along with a diverse and vibrant campus environment where students get the privilege to excel not only in their classroom projects but also in number of live projects as well as hands-on training arranged in some of the leading companies of India.

There are endless job opportunities for the students of Mechanical Engineering. They can take up work in Automobile sector with a vision to win over new challenges due introduction to new emission norms and hybrid vehicles. There are ample work profiles for mechanical engineers in the field of robotic surgery high grade implants, space exploration, automated manufacturing techniques, managing logistics etc both in India and worldwide.

So if you are looking for a perfect future with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, choose to enroll with MMDU which offers engineering degrees in ten different branches. Pass-outs of has received Rs 18 LPA as the Highest Package Offered. Big companies like Tata Motors Ltd., Byjus, Infosys Ltd., Mahindra & Mahindra, Honda Ltd., ISRO, CEASEFIRE, RRB Ltd. etc come to the campus for direct recruitment.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has recently introduced B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering with specialisation in Robotics and Automation) course which has been designed keeping in mind the rising demand and scope of automation and robotics engineering. MMDU has been a trailblazer in professional engineering courses and this is one course that takes into account how the veteran intellectual minds of India are already at the pivot of breakthroughs in the world of artificial intelligence and robotics across the globe. For more details of Mechanical Engineering courses and online admission at MMDU, CLICK HERE




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