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2 Ways to Survive Campus Without Reading Hard

Reading is not everyone’s cup of tea. It may seem like a bane and one may feel like doing other things more like just spending time with friends, playing, working on art, watching Netflix or choosing to chill out with music. Is that so with you?

Or is it that you are okay with reading, but it is getting a bit too much for you at this point and you want to cut it short?

Well, whatever the case may be; we are here to help you and guide you about how to save time and gain knowledge without reading hard. However, there is no denying the fact that readers become leaders. Reading lays the foundation of a successful life. It’s not just about reading textbooks; the more you read about general knowledge, newspapers and inspirational books of great personalities, clearer will be your vision and focus in life.

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But don’t worry. It is totally possible to not spend hours turning pages and still manage to do well at your studies. Expect some interesting suggestions ahead.

Pay Attention to your Classroom Lectures

Classrooms are usually the first place we learn about a new subject. If you pay attention to what your teacher is teaching, you have better chances of understanding and remembering the topics from there. You would not need a full reading of your text books to understand the chapter in detail. This also means that you would have to attend the classes regularly and attending the class both physically and mentally.

Discuss Studies With Your Friends

Spending time with friends is wonderful. We can relate to them a lot and so can they with us. So, you get a person who is probably required to read up the same things to appear for the exams, right? Why don’t you discuss some study topics with your friend? He/she might have a better knowledge about some of the topics which you can learn here better. Moreover you may together take up challenges to cover different topics and teach one another.

Scan the Headlines & Leave Reading Full Pages

You are probably doing this with this article itself- scanning the headlines and leaving out the large contents! The textbooks also often have headlines which can give you idea about the topic and help you remember the outline of a topic. Even speed reading with emphasis on keywords can acquaint you with the subject matter. You can also make flashcards or notes that you can read from the next time and thereby save your time and making revision less tedious.

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Watch Related Information on Youtube

Nowadays so much of study content is available on Youtube!

You select a topic and search it on Youtube and you can get many video answers.

For people who are more comfortable with watching a video or listening to a podcast than reading can use this alternative method. This way, the Youtuber can also teach you different things in an audio-visual manner which has longer lasting impact on our memory.

These are simple tips that are ethical and will help you in your purpose of avoiding reading a lot.



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