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10 Powerful Tips to Make You Perform Your Best at Exams

Exams are an indispensable part of education. You learn through a whole year or a semester and showcase your learning during exams. Some of you might be taking exams to enter a new college or course. Now whether you are nervous about exams or confident, you definitely want to do better, don’t you?

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Let us take a look at what we can do before our exams to ensure better exams.

  • Pay attention to classes
  • Revise and do homework on time
  • Schedule your study and work out by when you will finish your syllabus
  • Take mock tests
  • Ensure proper rest and diet so that you are fit to take exams

Now let us take a detailed look at the things to follow during the exams to do well. These tips are shared by the toppers of MM(DU).

  1. Arrive at the exam hall early: This will ensure that you do not miss out on enough time to finish your paper. Also, you will be more relaxed as opposed to panicking due to reaching late and getting your brain frozen.
  2. Read the question paper carefully: So many students make the common silly mistake of misreading the questions and answering incorrectly! Scan the question paper and choose which questions you want to answer in which order.
  3. Start with the questions you are most confident about: That is because you can finish them fast and you know you can score well on them. You would not want to miss them by attempting them in the last minute rush of the exam.
  4. Attempt the multiple-choice question somewhere in the first half of the exam: This is usually an easy scorer that requires the least time. You wouldn’t want to take a chance of missing them by keeping them for the end, would you?
  5. Judge the length of each answer: Answer based on what is being asked and do not try to write unnecessary exaggerations. The marks each question carries show how much effort and time is expected of you for each of them.
  6. Keep an eye on your watch: This way you will know how much time you are left with and you will be careful if you are taking too much time to write your paper.
  7. If you get stuck, breathe deeply a few times: You would be able to relax and a relaxed mind is a sharper mind and you are able to remember better. It also helps curb anxiety.
  8. Leave space for answering questions you get stuck at midway: You can come back to it after finishing all the other questions and in the time you are left with in hand.
  9. Avoid giving attention to others: There may be things happening around with other students and staff coming in. Remember, they are all time wasters! Do not avoid the invigilator.
  10. Do not forget to revise after completing the paper: You may find many mistakes in your answers that you can correct and score better. If you have time in hand, do it before submitting your paper.

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These tips may look ordinary to you, but if you follow them during your exams, you will undoubtedly improve your exams and come out with stellar scores. Stay tuned to MM(DU) website for more interesting and informative stuff:



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