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6 Steps to Choosing the Right University

“College is the reward for surviving high school.”

– Judd Apatow, Comedian

The above quote is the most common feeling of every high school passout who is excited about entering a college or a university. The transition from school to college is a big one for any individual. It is a decision that will define the career and life ahead. Thus, it should be taken with carefulness and without any haste.

Are you at this juncture in your life?

You may be nervous or excited, but we would like to suggest to you some steps to follow for choosing the university that is best for you. Read on:

List Your Aspirations & Talents

Note down what it is that you aspire to spend your life working as. What appeals to you? What are your talents? What are the subjects you have studied in your high school? Did you do well in them and wish to continue in that stream?

List Down All Universities You Like

Once you know what you want to pursue, start searching for the universities that offer such courses. There may be some you already know about and some you may find from a simple internet search.

Check the Accreditation & Credibility of the University

When you get a degree, it is valued based on the institute that provides you that degree. And the value of the institute is determined by its accreditation. It is better to go with an accredited university than with a university that is not popular. NIRF ranking are also important for a university. MM(DU), one of the top deemed universities of North India has been ranked at 93rd position by NIRF in 2020 All-India rankings.

Visit the Campus

Visit the universities you have shortlisted. Visiting them will give you a feel of the campus and life at it. You will first hand see what the infrastructure is like. Does the university have an on-campus hostel or an off-campus one? Does it have good libraries and computer labs? Does it offer extracurricular activities? What do the students studying there say about it? If visiting the university is not an option for you, definitely find out via someone who has studied there. This would give you an understanding of how suitable it is for you.

Find Out About Placement Opportunities

A university that is good would have good placements with good packages. Many big organizations may also offer campus placements to their students. Find out about this to see how much ahead you can get ahead in your career with this start. You can check out about the placement success stories of MM(DU) here:

Match Your Budget

Some universities may be great but out of your league due to being very costly. Be realistic and know how much you might be spending in your 3-4 year study in a particular university. You might get a student loan, but having a realistic repayment plan is also important.

We hope that these steps would help you head in the best direction and reach your goals of a great education at the best university for you.



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