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6 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Job After College

Akshay was a very bright student and has scored very well in his college exams. But he was not getting a decent job. This lowered his confidence. We all know people, who face the same problem as Akshay, don’t we?

There are factors beyond the college degree that help one in landing a good job. Much of it involves investing in oneself to gain that competitive edge in the job market.

Let us see some vital points to follow for getting a job faster:

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Get a Professional Resume

‘You are only as good as your first impression’ – ever heard this quote?

Well, your resume is your representation to the prospective employers and in most cases, they see it before they meet you. Thus it is very important to carefully create your resume. Do not cram in unnecessary information and try to be to-the-point. Highlight your degrees and net percentage. Make room for any previously held part-time/full-time jobs and projects you have successfully completed. Refer to the various sample formats available online.

Apply on Various Job Portals

There are a lot of online job portals today where you can apply. Apply at as many portals as you can. Try to apply to the most recent job listings first. Also, keep a track of the places you have applied at and follow up.

Leverage Social Media

Social media is a great place to land jobs. Facebook has a “Jobs” section. You can follow recruiters on Twitter as a lot of people tweet about vacancies. But the one platform you really need to focus on is ‘LinkedIn’. It is made for professional networking, referring jobs, and accelerating careers. LinkedIn does this job very well.

Also, your prospective employers may visit your social media accounts. Do not keep any distasteful pictures or posts on them, if you do not want to make a bad impression.


When looking for hiring someone, most employers prefer to hire from known sources. If you network with more people, you may get lucky. You do not need to be very direct about your job searching approach. You can take interest in the lives of people and casually share about what you are doing and looking for. You can network with your college alumni, at your internship placement, in social gatherings, and keep in touch with people.

Sharpen Your Interview Skills

A lot of people have good domain knowledge but perform poorly in their job interviews because of various skills they lack. Some spheres to improve upon are: appropriate clothing, clear communication, and a confident presence. Try to highlight your positive attributes and calmly say you don’t know the answers you don’t know.

Take up Part-time Jobs/Internships

A part-time job or internship can give you a great insight into jobs they can turn into as full-time jobs. This will give you the in-demand ‘experience’ most employers seek. Be smart about choosing your internship and stick to your domain.

So, which of the above things have you been missing in your job search mission? Hope you benefit from the suggestions given above and find a dream job!



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